Community XI: Centre backs

We’re looking for two centrebacks for our all-time greats team – there’s a bit of blurb about each of the nominees below the vote. Vote as many times as you want, but only the top two will be selected.

Marlon Broomes

If you were to ask somebody to name their favourite all time 11, Marlon Broomes wouldn’t get close (unless you asked Marlon Broomes). However in the world of CM 97/98 Broomes was one of those blessed with the -1 potential ability. Most importantly, he allowed you the opportunity to play Broomes as a sweeper. Anyway, he played for Blackburn and nearly always went on to play for England. You could say, that Broomes cleans up.

Fabio Cannavaro

This is less of a surprise. This man went on to win the Ballon d’or in real life and as he starts the game as a 23 year old, the sky is often the limit with this chap. He already has 4 Italy caps when the game starts, and he’s part of Parma’s mighty squad. He’s often attainable, but as he doesn’t play for the big 3, he’s usually available a couple of seasons in. Everybody loves Fabio.

Martin Djetou

I bloody love Martin Djetou. A D/MC, he was equally at home in the middle of the defence or midfield. I once had a game that I kept going for years, and he was still playing at 42. What a guy. He starts at Monaco, and is usually released once Monaco fail at Champions League qualification and go bust. If that’s not enough, he opened a beauty palour when he retired, so that’s something.

Valur Fannar Gislason

One of the lesser known nominees, this young Iceland International starts the game at Arsenal as a below average Premier League defender, but he becomes much more than. Martyn Oakley puts it best:

Always available for loan, or a 250k purchase if you were feeling flush, Valur was the first port of call every time I started a lower league campaign. Reliable, cheap, loyal and very very good from the off, he was also worth adding to the squad of any big club you took over too

Mark Iuliano

A stalwart of Juventus & Italy’s defence, Iuliano is vowel greedy but very stingy when it comes to conceding goals. Adequare cover for left back, Iuliano is one of the most consistent defenders in the game and is usually passed around between the top clubs. A real class act.

Teddy Lucic

People were falling over themselves to nominate ‘The Bear’ Teddy Lucic. Let’s be honest, he was rubbish at Leeds but the good people at Sports Interactive obviously had a thing for him as he was a good buy on CM 01/02 as well I seem to recall. Indeed Eoin says:

Just typing his name makes me feel safe and assured, a rock at the back, always seemed to get 8 out of 10, even when we lost by a lot. The sign of a true class act

Strong words indeed. As he was young and unknown, he could be picked up for £250k. Let the good times roll.

Ever Moas

So much has been written about Ever Moas. And by that I mean even his wiki page is lacking. Even Paul Redfern, who nominated him, was dead against signing him. Read into that what you will. I’ve never owned him, but I’m sure he’s mint.

Victor Onopko

Loads of people loved Victor too. He was a model of consistency and always available, the only negative was him being non-EU. His best review came from Kevin, who said:

“Usually available by October in first season for 4.5m, Russian centre back consistently averages 7.5+, best centre back on the game for me”

A mighty review, but are you going loco for Victor Onopko?

Robert Page

If you’ve followed the first blog game all the way through, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Rob Page. I took him everywhere I went, and he captained my teams too. Will clock up 100 caps for Wales barring injuries, and easily attainable from Watford in the early days. From Wimbledon to Leeds via Auxerre, Page was my right hand man – but does he get your vote?

Chris Perry

Chris. Perry.

He’s quite useful but never amounts to all that much. Chris Perry would vote for Chris Perry.

Marcio Santos

Brazilian International centre half part of Ajax’s all star squad. Part of his allure is that he seemed unable to agree a new contract with Ajax after a season or 2 and was available for nothing. One of those where his average ratings far outweigh his skill set.

Christian Worns

Wornsy (as everybody called him, no doubt) was everybody’s first pick for a centre back, mainly because he was always available when the game started and he was amazing. This was the guy you wanted to shore up your defence if you could afford the £6m or so. Martyn Oakley had some big words for Worns too:

“The best buyable centre back on the game bar none. Always available relatively cheap and on reasonable wages,  like Landreau would form part of your backline for years to come.”

There you have it. The best bar none. Well liked, well nominated. But who does your vote go to?

1 thought on “Community XI: Centre backs

  1. Worns and Djetou are priceless (literally). Marcio Santos and Victor Onopko are so good as the other two but – as their are foreigners and finding a good center back is usually quite easy in England – I tend not to spend a foreigner credit on a center defender (but let me get this straight, they’re both tremendous players). I think Fabio Cannavaro is a good player but not the word class one it turned out to be.
    If you’re playing in a lower league I suggest you to be attentive to the average rating top tables of every nacional league (theses are the only average ratings that you can rely on, plus obviously european and international games) and one Scottish guy named Kevin James. Speaking in Scottishs… Colin Hendry reincarnation is probably going to “born free transfer” around 2000 or 2001 and you can make so much money with him… (or just retain him for the rest of his career, he’s quite easy to find, Colin Hendry has a collection of 20 where center defenders should have it).

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