Simply third best

The first season has come to a close and there was the usual mix of sublime and the ridiculous. So without wasting further time, let’s see how the 97/98 season finished (WARNING: Includes England World Cup failure)

In the last update I bemoaned the big club release clause that was slowly costing me my best players. Well, the buggers are at it again and Dundee Utd have taken the division’s top scorer off my hands

mainwaring offerThere’s nothing I can do, but look what I’m losing

mainwaring careerLethal. I only have 4 days to act, but I think I made the right decision

devine to darloIt’s a huge fee in this division but I know what Devine can do, and it doesn’t take him long to settle in

chester 1 - 5 darloWith Chester top of the table, this is a mighty result and it’s not long before the party can start

Darlo PromotedWoohoo! Some less inspiring results mean we have to settle for third, but with the most scored and least conceded, we’re every bit worth it.

div 3 may 98Peterborough go on to win the playoff final against Cambridge on pens, which I’m fairly sure is a local rivalry anyway. Scenes.

Anyway, in the real world…

League Cup

LC Final 98The unbeatables are beaten! They might not have lost a league game all year but they’ve blown it here. Ah well, there’s always the FA Cup

FA Cup

FA Cup SF ResultsWat!? The unbeatables have lost again. Spurs go on to win the final comfortably

FA Cup Final 98Moussa Saib, now there’s a player.

Champions League

The semi finals were set, Manchester United versus the people’s champions…and El Clasico

CL SF ResultsWell now I don’t know what to believe. Parma go on to win the final thanks to Tino

CL Final 98Still, at least Man Utd have that whole unbeaten thing to fall back on

Premier League

man utd loseThey’ve lost! A shaky month for the Red Devils but they will win the title with a month to spare. In fact, they got 100 points!

prem top may 98Conceding only 14 goals all season is just ridiculous. Chelsea cap off a great season by taking the second Champions League spot

Meanwhile, it’s relegation for Barnsley, Derby & Palace

prem bottom may 98Derby are livid with the whole thing and Jim Smith is fired

jim smith sackedChelsea also made it to the Cup Winners Cup final, but were denied in Extra Time

CWC finalWorld Cup

For those of you who followed the first saved game, you’ll know how much I hate writing up the World Cup. But we’ll focus on England. Here’s Glenn’s men:

England WC 98 SquadSo at least we’ll find out what would have happened if Dominic Matteo hadn’t declared for Scotland.

It’s a rough start for England

russia 1 - 0 englandAt least he brought on Phil Neville. Anyway, China are less of a problem

england 3 - 0 chinaSo it’s England vs Ireland, winners qualifies. Surely…

england 0 - 1 irelandOh Glenn, why didn’t you bring on Phil Neville?

The groups end up like this:

WC 98 GroupsAnd the last 16 draw:

WC Last 16 drawSome big games in there, like Germany/Italy and France/Argentina. The Argentines see off the hosts

france 0 - 1 argentinaBut the Irish keep home interest alive

ireland 1 - 0 swissWhat a Quarter Final lineup…

WC QF DrawBrazil fall by the way side

brazil 0 - 1 argiesRemarkably, so do Italy

ireland 1 - 0 italyYour community XI left back Paolo Maldini with the own goal. The Semi finals are set

WC SF DrawArgentina edge out Spain

argies 1 - 0 spainBut the Irish dream is bulldozed

ireland 0 - 5 hollandThe Irish are probably so sickened they have to settle for fourth

spain 2 - 0 irelandSo it comes down to Argentina vs Holland. Argentina have ran the gauntlet, beating the hosts, the holders and…Spain to reach this stage. The Dutch have just turned up

argentina 3 - 1 hollandDeserved champions I think. I couldn’t have handled Ed de Goey being a World Cup Winner.

So all that is left to do is wrap up some transfers

maurice to parma mcgregor to arsenal pizzi to man utd SBR to Real ValladolidI have no idea why Arsenal have signed Paul McGregor. Awards time!

Awards 98Mainwaring still top scorer despite leaving a month early. Good day to be a Neville, whilst all three football league managers of the year have England caps. Huzzah. For completeness, Juve won Serie A and Barca won La Liga.

So that’s it, season 1 is done. Join us next time as I build a squad ready for Division 2 and no doubt Aberdeen will take Sean Devine off me or something. Until then..

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