Gritt and Determination

It’s the end of the 2002/03 season and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the game has yet again gone to ridiculous lengths to show me something I haven’t seen before. So, can Gerry win the treble? Or will somebody spoil the party?

League Cup

Everton take the first trophy of the season with a thrilling win.

LC final 03

Palace have enjoyed a few good cup runs and this is another, but just a game too far.

FA Cup

The semi final line up is one of the strangest ever, and Leeds are obvious favourites

fa cup sf results

Southport taking out Fulham works even more for Leeds, and so Division 2 Southport stand between Gerry Francis and FA Cup glory.

fa cup final 03

WAT. Forget about it, Southport join Nigeria in the list of ridiculous winners. Southport are 10th in Division 2, so they’ll be playing in the Cup Winners Cup whilst playing in the Windscreen Shield next season. There are no words.

Leeds might not be able to beat Southport, however…

Champions League

CL SF results

Porto do a number on Real Madrid and so Leeds will battle another Port in the final.

CL Final 03

So there you have it. Southport > Leeds > Porto. Southport are managed by Steve Gritt, I’ve made the obvious pun already but feel free to write your own. Lazio win Serie A, whilst Barcelona win La Liga for the 6th consecutive year.

So with the the other cups decided, I’m pleased to say Darlo have survived, Premier League football will be coming to Feethams for a third consecutive season. It wasn’t pretty but 15th achieves my target and now we’ll build for a brighter tomorrow (#cringe)

The real excitement comes at the top of the table, where with one game to go, Gerry is on the verge.

prem top 1 game to go

Southall hasn’t managed to hold it together but Roy Evans’ Liverpool have had a great run. The final day fixtures are tricky for both teams

last day fixs

So Leeds just need to win at Villa Park. Brian Little vs Gerry Francis. Liverpool themselves have a tough trip to Chelsea


Gerry! At the double. What a day for the mullet. It would have been a treble if it wasn’t for pesky Southport. Remarkable.

prem top may 03

Chelsea beat Liverpool anyway so it was all academic. Arsenal down in 11th is enough for them to sack Ray Harford

prem bottom may 03

It’s been over for a while for Wimbledon, but Blackburn & Fulham join them in relegation. Coventry, still under the watchful eye of Kevin Keegan and including Andrea Pirlo are promoted along with Leicester. The playoff final is between 3rd placed Sunderland and 5th placed Burnley. However, on the morning of that game…

le tiss to arsenal

Le Tiss walks out of a Wembley date and over to Highbury. All very odd timing.

playoff final

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sunderland are beleagured and lose heavily. They appoint Ray Harford a few days later.

All that’s left then is this season’s awards

awards 03

The wonderfully named Guy Wolf takes European player of the year. Francis & Keegan taking the manager awards, Galactic Keegan will be so proud. Meanwhile, David Johnson: Golden Boot winner.

So as the game works through it’s updates, I’ll bid you farewell. Join us next time, won’t you?

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