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As the reality of Darlington being Champions of England and Europe resonates through football, there’s more fall out to deal with than the end of a series of Dream Team as we head into the 20072008 season. Allow me to catch you up…

Roy Evans did the right thing and resigned as Liverpool manager having seen them relegated from the Premier League, so the Reds are on the lookout for a new manager who can take them back to their former glory. I don’t think anyone expected this:

nick barmby to liverpoolOf course Barmby played for Liverpool in real life but that didn’t actually happen on this game…so they’ve essentially just appointed a former Everton player. Good grief.

Man Utd have added another English international to their ranks, Gordon Milne is doing a good job of proving me wrong

max martin to man utdAt Darlington, I’ve received a great offer for the re-gen of Gazza. I don’t have to sell, we’re very well off financially and the odds of buying a replacement who is as good is limited because despite everything, our reputation is still building up and not as good as it maybe should be.

Oakes soldHowever, we are well stocked in midfield and we actually have one too many for the squad, so one had to go. And as you’ll see from his stats, he misses half the season anyway with that injury proness rating:

Oakes saleSuch is my want in life I’ve replaced him with two re-gens – Henrik Larsson and Niclas Alexandersson

alexandersson re-gen larsson re genBoth have been signed for a pittance. I am however getting itchy feet as I’ve been at Darlo for 10 years, and it might be time for a new challenge. We’ll see what comes up.

Italy sack SAFWith Euro 2008 this seasn Italy have decided the man who won them the World Cup is no longer the man for the job, despite qualification being sealed. I obviously throw my hat in the ring…

…only to have a quick brainwave and turn it down!

italy job refusedWhy have I turned it down? Well, if I refuse it, one of the other high reputation managers will go for it and leave their club job. In theory.

Sure enough, it’s Camacho from Real Madrid to Italy and I’m on for a reunion with new Gazza

RM job offerThe irony of this is that Darlo beat Real Madrid in the Champions League final, but they’re one of the biggest clubs in the world, so off I go

real madrid gafferIt is with a heavy heart I leave Darlington but I’ve done everything possible for them, leaving them as European Champions with over £70m in the bank to spend.

Look at how thrilled I am


It’s going to take a special manager to carry on my work

gerry to darloThe mullet! His Italian dream is over but now he inherits one of the best squads in the game. Well done Gerry.

Here’s what I’m dealing with:

RM squad

It doesn’t need major surgery, afterall the previous manager left on good terms so it’s a nice squad to walk into. Also, Neil Finn. My plan is to win the Champions League and then be away, hopefully in no more than 2 seasons.

Charity Shield did happen before I left…

CS 07Bloody Gordon.

The managerial madness has another twist though…

everton sack flynn

Who is out of work?

SAF to EvertonAh. Everton to win the league? Fortuantely, it’s not my concern!

Over in Spain, Barca want to buy my 34 year old centre half…

karanka to barcelonaThey are welcome to him. I will buy former footballer of the year Antoine Sibierski

Sibi to RMBarca need Karanka judging by this

sevilla 5 - 0 barcaOh and this

barca 1 - 3 RMLVG has his work cut out at the moment, Barca are on the decline.

La Liga top Nov 07This is also a weird cup draw!

copa del rey vs Am BMeanwhile, Gerry is doing just fine

prem top nov 07I wish I’d never doubted Gordon Milne. I have full faith in Gerry getting it done. Fergie lurks down there in 6th, ready to strike.

Wimbledon prop the table up:

prem bottom nov 07Bolton are still managed by Colin Todd and Southampton have persisted with Dave Jones all these years. Incredible.

So with everything set up nicely for the middle part of the season, please join us again and we’ll see how long it takes me to ruin Real Madrid. Thanks for dropping by

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  1. to be honest I wasn’t expecting you to leave The Quakers before lifting the European Super Cup and World Club Cup but I understand you felt “it’s the time to go”
    I had to laugh when I saw the picture of the Merengues’ new manager before his first press conference =)

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