The Triple Double

It’s 2009 and season 12 is coming to an exciting finish. Sevilla, my third club of this save, are firing on three fronts as I bid to win a third Champions League in 3 seasons with a 3rd different club. THREE. It’s a magic number, and here’s why…

Pointless Cup!

League Cup

Gerry continues to reap what I sowed. Is sowed the correct word? The past tense of sow. Whatever. Welcome to Wembley.

LC Final 09 resultA ridiculous game between the latest “big two”

LC FInal 09Chaos in the Darlo end I imagine.

FA Cup

Oh look, it’s Gerry again

FA Cup SF ResultsSteve Gritt’s Hull can be consoled by a playoff final win that sends them back into the Premier League. Anyway, the final is a real cracker

FA Cup final 09Wow. So they meet again a week later and this time, David Unsworth takes home the trophy

FA Cup final 09 replayWe might as well stick with England, Gerry will still be hoping for a treble with League and Champions League glory up for grabs.

Premier League

However, Darlo make a massive balls up in the league

prem top may 09Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gerry  Francis cannot be trusted with anything. He’s had bad luck with injuries but 5th is unbelievable for a squad of that quality. Criminally, he’s let Man Utd back into the Champions League, somehow, it’s a ridiculous loss of form. But there you go, Gerry Francis. Maybe he can regain some reputation in the Champions League? Before that though, here’s the bottom of the Prem:

prem bottom may 09Maybe Southampton will finally get shot of Dave Jones. Mind you, Coventry have had Tony Cascarino for 5 years now, for some reason. Let’s move into Europe.

La Liga

My task of winning the league was actually the easiest of the three, we’d got ourselves into an excellent position and actually won it with 3 games to spare.

league wonBarcelona and Real Madrid went on mad runs of form but the gap was too big for them to make up, finishing outside the Champions League places

La Liga top finalSpare a thought for Jaen

Jaen9 points, and a defence to be proud of. Cheer up sleepy Jaen (sorry)

Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey was still on the menu, but it was a tough semi final.

CDL SFCreeping through on away goals was as good as we could hope for. The final, rather unfairly, was to be played in the Nou Camp.

CDR finalGet it up you, Louis. We were bloody brilliant. The treble is on!

Firstly though, the UEFA Cup. This caught my eye

barca 5 - 1 man utdIt was nearly turned round, remarkably. But I don’t think anybody has ever been 4 up inside 10 minutes.

UEFA Cup SF ResultsBetis won the final. Van Gaal should leave.

So that brings us to…

Champions League

Firstly, a very tough semi final against Milan.

CL SF ResultsWoo and yay. Oh, it’s Gerry again is it? Well, well, well.

The final is on my birthday, 6 years ago. So I guess I am 21 again, which means I can probably drink more and be unfazed

CL Final 09Get in. Mind you, we made bloody hard work of it.

Cl Final winDarlington have a knack of rescuing situations, as they routinely did under my guidance, but seemingly this has gone a step further under the mullet and they score 120th minute levellers in major European finals. Darlo took first in the shootout and we still seemed keen on throwing away the advantage, but we got there in the end. TREBLES ALL ROUND!

Not a bad season then. Here’s the awards

english awards spanish awardsFredi Kanoute, Michael Bridges, Nicolas Anelka…so much talent all over the World. Hilariously, that Spanish player of the year, Mora, is Jaen’s 36 year old goalkeeper who conceded 112 times. Inexplicable really, especially when you consider some of my teams contributions:

assists goals Average RatingsBravo. Sadly, Sonksen has retired. Here’s some others who have moved on

toshack retires ranieri retires todd retiresBut one man who will just not hang up his boots is Peter Beardsley

pedro 48Signing up to another season, he will be 49 when it ends. Will he make 50? Well, why not.

With that, I bid you farewell. It’s been a trophy laden season and I need to put my feet up. Objectives are to win the World Club Cup and European Super Cup with Sevilla and then maybe it’ll be time for a new challenge. There’s also World Cup 2010 on the horizon, maybe there’ll be a job for me there? See you for season 13!

1 thought on “The Triple Double

  1. what a great season David or should I say… what a great 3 seasons sequence?

    just to let you know… details like “Spare a thought for Jaen” or “Gerry continues to reap what I sowed. Is sowed the correct word? The past tense of sow. Whatever. Welcome to Wembley.” make this issue even more interesting, spirited an funny that what anyone could expect
    (even if I know very little about “past tense” in particular or English verb tenses in general)

    Weiser was fundamental for your success but Higuera appears to come from another world (plus… very interesting goals and assists for a – theoretically speaking – more defensive driven midfielder). he reminds us that old norwegian mate from Leyton Orient, doesn’t he? (but better, rather better!)

    you’re using a 5-3-2 with Sevilla, right? I guessed that because I was surprised about your number’s 2 performance (full-backs aren’t the most surprising players at CM2) and then when back and realize the number 7 wasn’t “Figo’s re-gen” but a AM C. you know… those kind of things that dement guys about this game like me would do =)

    best wishes from Portugal!

    ps – I suppose you should be preparing a update right now… =)

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