Let’s be having you

After the excitement of Summer 2010, the 2010/11 season kicks off with managerial vacancies all over the shop. I don’t know what I want, so we’ll just see. I could end up absolutely anywhere. So what happened? Let’s find out.

After quitting Spain, I wasted no time in leaving Sevilla too

resign from sevillaAlex Ferguson has also decided enough is enough, so the Everton job is available

fergie retiresThe Spain job is decided really quickly, but I didn’t expect this

unsworth to spainWell I never. The champions need a new manager. Merseyside has two vacancies. I want neither, even though I am offered both. Liverpool have to settle for poaching Brian Little off Leeds.

liverpool appoint littleWhen you aren’t a manager, the game skips on before you can take screenshots, which is really annoying. Anyway, Leeds want me now

no to leedsI’ve managed Leeds in the first blog save and I have no desire to do it again. Move along.

alvin martin to leedsEverton move for one of Fergie’s former…friends?

beckham to evertonGreat times. What’s left for me? When Delia calls…

norwich managerIt’s a left field move, being honest the job I really want is second Division Newcastle but it’s not available and this is where I am now. They’ve just been relegated and have started this season very averagely, as you can see.

lwague historyKidderminster…

div 1 currentAnyway, the real world has still been going on in spite of all this. The Charity Shield kicks us off, as ever.

CS 10We get off to a winning start in the league cup, coming from behind.

winning startI set about putting my own stamp on things, some freebies new and old

ballotta zidane signsZidane wants a meesly £700 a week which is probably a sign of what I am getting.

We’ve negotiated another round of the League Cup but the last 16 draw is harsh

LC Last 16So that’ll end our time in the competition I imagine.

In the league, well, we’ve actually not moved at all.

div 1 top nov1 0We have just beaten Gillingham 1-0 at Carrow Road though so that’s promising. Playoffs are the target.

Some more managerial silliness – the other half of my Division 3 partnership is now in the business too

mainwaring managerMeanwhile, Roy Evans is sacked at Villa

villa sack evansSomething possesses them to appoint Joe Kinnear

kinnear to villaSo Derby appoint Evans, the old swaperoo

evans to derbyOver in Spain, Sevilla have the Champions League group from hell

CL Group for sevillaTough going. They’re doing ok in the league too

la liga top nov 10Real Madrid are, somewhat hilariously, 16th, just one spot above the relegation zone. Oh my.

So to finish, here’s the Premier League. Brian Little is doing a grand job at Liverpool

prem top nov 10David Unsworth has built an incredible side it seems. Meanwhile at the bottom…

prem bottom nov 10Amazing for Swansea to make it to the Premier League from Division 3, that’d never happen in real life. Oh wait. Waddle is in bother with Burnley and Alvin Martin has ruined Leeds. Ho hum.

So join me next time where I’ll continue to tread water with Norwich and MAYBE MORE. But probably not. Bye for now.

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