Beardsley’s Borrowers

The 14/15 season should be a season of celebration for me – afterall, I’ve been slaving away getting Newcastle back into the Premier League for a few seasons. Now we’re back on the big stage and reality has dawned – we’re really not very good.

We were dealt a very early blow when Liverpool took advantage of Denis Irwin’s re-gen having a big club release clause. I just didn’t see it coming!

Dunphy to Liverpool

I’ve decided to take on this McGibbon character in exchange, the money means very little to me given that we can’t attract anybody. I firmly believe the most important player in this game is your goalkeeper, in theory this guy should be unbeatable

swiss keeper

Unfortunately that technique stat seems to have more of an effect than I anticipated, meaning he’s just another average goalkeeper to go alongside my other 3 or 4, which include Chilavert’s re-gen re-gen. When you’re onto the 3rd iteration of a player…

mewza stats

My other choices? The keeper I signed for Norwich:


A man with caps for Scotland!


And some other messes with crisp packets for hands. They’ve all had their moments but it’s costing me points. Might be one for twitter to solve.

We actually started pretty well

first game of season

It’s been largely downhill ever since though. More on that later.

You may recall Kieron Dyer retired, with 122 England caps to his name. Not only have I signed his re-gen, but the man himself has gone to coach Bari

Dyer to Bari

It’s early days for the future Jungle celebrity but it’s not looking good

bari serie a

There’s plenty more managerial shenanigans, Spurs need yet another new manager

spurs sack manager

They’ve rather strangely appointed former Arsenal goalkeeper Jae Townley

spurs appoint townley

What’s more surprising is that they sit in the playoff positions in Division 3, so maybe some better times head for Spurs.

Giggs is sacked, again

giggs sacked

There’s also big news as the one surviving original manager is sacked.

burnley sack waddle

My former for Chris Waddle, way back in the Division 2 days with Darlington, has been in charge for about 17 years but Burnley have seen enough. About time.

For some, it’s all just too much

barmby quits chelsea

Chelsea continue the bizarre tradition that this game has given us, which is appointing Alvin bloody Martin

alvin martin to chelsea

A big favourite of this blog is Peter Beardsley and his refusal to retire. Pitching up as Rotherham’s player manager, there’s no sign of him slowing down, continuing to start himself in every game. However, he has loaned EVERYBODY

rotherham loans

To be fair, you never know when you’ll need 6 right backs. Pedro himself is 53, going on 54, and has 3 goals in 24 games. Good man.

Away from our perilous league position, we’ve scrapped our way into the last 16 of the pointless cup

LC last 16

I imagine Brian Little will end our run but any sorts of victories can’t be sniffed at when you’re in our position. What is our position you ask?

prem top nov 14

Well, we’re not in the top 12. The familiar sight of Darlington & Liverpool scrapping for superiority, Darlington wowing the world with their goal a game ratio.

prem bottom nov 14

Urgh, there we are. No wonder Burnley sacked Waddle. Fortunately I have plenty of good favour with the board and they’re still delighted by my performance. And so they should be.

Squad is a mash of names that will mean very little to you!

nufc squad

So we’ll be fighting to stay up, join me next time where I’ll hopefully have some good news as we move towards the business end of the season. Bye for now

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  1. Loving the updates on Peter Beardsley in every post. Looking forward to your game against Darlington 🙂
    I got a small question for you. I mentioned I was going to start playing CM 97/98 again, so I took Swansea and won them two back-to-back promotions, even winning the Div 2 title, and got to the 5th round of the FA Cup along the way. But no matter how successful we were, the morales of the players were mostly OK or Poor (when even the 4th placed team in the division had High/Superb morales). I like rotating my players so their forms were mostly Very Good, but I’m worried this problem with low morale may affect the performances of my players.

    Do you also experience similar stuff?

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