Le Tissier takes a gamble

Welcome back! We’re crossing into 2019 in this update, and somehow this game still finds ways to surprise me. Peter Beardsley is 58 but is still in demand, whilst Chelsea are throwing money at their problems. Newcastle are fighting for trophies on all fronts, so without further delay, let’s get to it.

As I rather prophetically noticed in the last update, Alvin Martin was sliding towards the trap door after 4 years of nothing at Chelsea.

chelsea sack martin

So whilst that wasn’t a surprise, the replacement is a bit out there

le tiss to chelsea

Why is that strange? Well, Man Utd were 6th under the guidance of Le Tissier, whilst Chelsea are 19th. Such an odd career move.

Man Utd take Derby’s manager

colcombe to man utd

Derby have hideous amounts of money in the bank, so the last thing they should do is appoint some notorious for wasting money

dyer to derby


A few months down the line and somehow Chelsea are able to attract one of England’s finest forwards

mendes to chelsea

Darlington have ran into financial troubles after failing to win their Champions League qualifier and had a bit of a firesale to keep themselves in the black.

Anyway, back in the world of Division 2, Rotherham have  finally had enough of a 58 year old who picks himself every game

Rotherham sack Beardsley

What’s quite telling is that nobody wants him as a manager, but as a player…

beardsley to grimsby

or plymouth

Two great choices, but it’s Grimsby for Pedro


As he’s not the manager, he finds himself as sub more often than not and is yet to open his account. He earns £400 a week…


On to the actual football now and I’m pleased to say we are European Super Cup champions.

suoer cup L1

We did most of the damage at home and saw it out away. Get in.

suoer cup L2

Hercules are top of La Liga so it bodes well for us that we can dismantle them so easily.

With one trophy in the bag (I’m not counting the Charity Shield) we’re well placed to win another, even if it is the pointless cup.

LC sf results

David Platt’s Blackburn will be a tougher test in the final but we’ll be favourites.

Unfortunately we won’t be winning the FA Cup

FA QF results

We led 1-0 but two goals in the final 10 minutes for Villa send us out. It’s a shame but we’ve got enough on our plates, which we’ll come back to shortly.

The semi final lineup goes on without us.

FA SF draw

In Europe, we negotiated our Champions Leageue group with ease.

CL group final

The quarter final saw us go up against former champions PSV but we just about saw them off

CL QF reults

Brann had Marseille for breakfast (sorry). Although it has to be said, it’s a massive surprise to see them in the last 4. Sadly it’s a show down with David Unsworth and my former club Real Madrid in the semis

CL SF draw

So whilst my Champions League hopes are in the balance, we’re looking pretty good to retain our league title, even if we trail Haslam’s Darlington right now

prem top march 19

With 2 games in hand, we should have enough to see Darlington off, especially since their fire sale at the end of the transfer window. You can’t rule out any of the top 6 in truth, we’ve seen in recent seasons teams can go on runs and my fixture pile up is concerning.

prem bottom march 20

Forest have slipped to the foot of the table, as Chelsea look to have clawed themselves away from danger. I’m still not sure why le Tissier left Man Utd for the Chelsea gig but he might be proved right if Chelsea can overtake Man Utd in the last 7 games, which you wouldn’t rule out.

So there we go, we’re all set up for the final sprint. Can we retain our title? Will David Unsworth see me off in the Champions League? Is Peter Beardsley going to score for Grimsby? All of this, and more, will be revealed next time. Toodles for now.

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