The Man Who Won’t be King

Welcome back! We’ve had a nice close season break here at 97/98 towers but we’re back in business today as we kick off the 21/22 season.

Another new season is upon us and whilst you might think I’m running out of ways to be surprised, yet again this game has gone out of it’s way to not only pull a rabbit out of the hat but also kick me in the nuts. There are job changes galore, and as with seemingly every new season, we start with Bryan Robson

Robson to Everton

What a shock! Just 2 years after taking the Man City job, Robbo is off. To Everton. After guiding Man City to 15th, which is not an achievement, Everton came calling and, like every other offers he’s had, Robson couldn’t want to take it up. Good day to you.

That leaves a vacancy at Man City, and I just didn’t see this coming…

beardsley to man city

Beardsley is back in the big time! After previously giving up management to focus on his playing career, now that he’s 60 he fancies the dugout again and with his reputation somehow deemed “superb” he’s in at Maine Road. Sadly he has stopped short of picking himself so far but we live in hope.

So with Beardsley out of action for the time being, I need to look elsewhere for drama. The Charity Shield provides as much drama as a glorified friendly can.

CS 21

Meanwhile over in Italy, we’re in the Champions League after our Serie A title last season. It’s a tricky group

CL group

Servette FC Geneva. Never noticed that being their full name but whatever. We’ve been decent, if not amazing after 4 games.

CL 4 games

That may as well be our motto, look at how tight our defence is!

serie a top

Goals are hard to come by but with 2 games in hand we could be top if we win even just one of them. It’s a very close league though and it’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

So, where is that drama I spoke of?

gagno to go

Yes please! Sack him! Go on, do it!!!

gagno sacked

Thanks. Right, surely this is my time. I’ve won the Champions League numerous times, I’ve won each of the available domestic leagues and multiple World Club and Super Cups. It is a CV that can only be described as glittering. Surely for the love of the game and longevity of this blog they will give me this bloody job so I can cap a 60 year old Peter Beardsley and be done with it. Right? RIGHT?

england appoint delgado

Didn’t want it anyway. Shove it up your arse.

Hang about…

mulryne to go.

Yes, do that as well. Surely I’ll get this one

mulryne sacked

Good. I am eager to manage at the 2022 World Cup

le tissier to italy

The ultimate insult. I must be a better bet than this knacker?

This  got me thinking, is it possible that because I have already managed Spain I can’t manage any other nation? I guess it’s possible, it’s a pretty weird thing to put in the game but I can’t recall even managing multiple national teams in a career. Tweet me if you have anything to add.

So where do we go from here? Well, David Platt goes to Chelsea.

platt to chelsea

But that is of little consolation. I’m absolutely crestfallen, to be honest. Here’s the table

prem top nov 21

Blackburn under Jimmy Clement (formerly Dion Dublin) have opened up a 5 point lead over Haslam’s Arsenal. Darlington sit 6th in the First Division, as they try to recover from Haslam’s stint as manager. Newcastle continue to tread water in the league sincem y departure.

prem bottom nov 21

Not happening for Liverpool under club legend player manager Des Rodosthenous, you’d think he would know about defending but obviously not. Chelsea seem good vlaue for money, Platt will soon see to that after Le Tissier’s seemingly cavalier style, whilst the Champions League campaign is taking its toll on Cardiff.

So as I contemplate what now, I’ll leave you with the managers reputation table and you can decide whether I should have got the England job or not. Think Drogba at the end of that Champions League match with Barcelona…


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