Wembley Winners

Here we are again then, update o’clock. We’ve reached boiling point in the 2024/25 season, with Darlington not only scrapping it out for European places via the league but also just one game from Wembley too. Added to that we’ve got a trio of home friendlies for England as 64 year old Beardsley edges towards 100 caps. What are we waiting for? To the next paragraph!

Oh yeah, as ever we start with the pointless cup. First Division Crewe are looking to spring a surprise over Chelsea.

LC final 25

They’ve only bloody done it! Crewe celebrate by going on to win the playoffs so they’ll be in the Premier League next season. It’s what Dario Gradi would want.

FA Cup

So, the Darlo boys have rallied a bit and having survived a couple of replays, it’s a kind draw with First Division Derby facing us at Old Trafford.

FA SF Results

Not exactly upset that West Ham saw off Arsenal, they are far more beatable in the final.

Final day comes and these two sides battle it out for 120 minutes, with a very late equaliser from Monsieur Christanval. Penalties!

FA Cup final

No! In the FA’s wisdom, in these days you battle out 120 minutes in front of 80,000 people and at the end of extra time, shake hands and come back and do it all again on a Wednesday night. Stupidity.

final replay

We get the job done though, stupid scheduling aside, and we will play in Europe next season. Hurrah! The Cup Winners Cup won’t know what hit it.

Champions League

Those of you with attention to detail will realise that the FA Cup final replay takes place at the same time as the Champions League final. It got me wondering what would happen if I’d been in the Champions League final and had to face an FA Cup final replay…scheduling nightmare. Anyway, not my problem. The Champions League final will feature Hercules for the third season in a row, and they are defending champions afterall. For once though, the Milan team they will face is Inter rather than AC.

CL SF Results

What an enthralling night. Anyway, the final is an absolute belter.

CL Final 25

Last minute equaliser from one of the Ferrante brothers forces extra time but it’s heartbreak for the Italians. Hercules retain! For those wondering, Arsenal won the Cup Winners Cup but Atletico Madird beat Aston Villa in the final of the UEFA Cup.

Premier League

With the cups decided, it’s a pretty tight table from 3rd onwards. Leeds and Chelsea are the most consistent sides in the league and Leeds actually retain the Premier League title from Chelsea for the second consecutive year.

prem top final

I’m happy with fifth, it would get us into the UEFA Cup but our FA Cup exploits mean we take Cup Winners Cup action on next season. At the bottom, Norwich & Blackburn are relegated with plenty of time to spare whilst Wolves narrowly miss out to Stoke. Beardsley limps to 14th.

prem bottom final

Mind you, Beardsley has been pretty busy. A trio of England friendlies round off the season, and the big man gets stuck in.

england 5 - 0 caymans

10 out of 10. Take that, Cayman Islands.

england 3 - 0 uruguay

Penalty against the Uruguayans? No bother.

england 4 - 0 yemen

Two against Yemen? I should think so.

He’s some lad. 96 caps on the board now as we head into a World Cup season.

pedro end of season

Time for some awards to finish with

Domoraud footballer of the year

Bakayoko junior-junior taking the plaudits. He has played a huge part in transforming us from Division 1 also-rans to FA Cup winners. No awards of note elsewhere

awards 25

Unfortunately, these awards come with a price. His head is turned…

bigger club

He doesn’t have a big club release clause though, so that’s tough mate.

That’s all for now though. Join me next time as we head into our final season, with Darlington on a European tour and Beardsley homing in on 100 caps. Bye for now!

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