Unbeaten Century

Good day to you. It’s 2026 and the bell is about to toll on this save. Peter Beardsley is 65 and preparing for one last World Cup, I’m being nostalgic with my transfer dealings and Leeds look set to win a third consecutive Premier League. How did we let these things happen? Welcome to the penultimate update.

We’ll start with yet another managerial change, as Liverpool reward their manager for finally getting them out of Division 1 by sacking him


His replacement surprises me because he’s been out of the news for so long.


Yes, fresh from 11 years at Wolves, their relegation resulted in the sack for Hucks but he’s walked into a better job. Wonderful.

Onto more ridiculous matters and the World Cup 2026 draw has been made. It’s a bit of an odd group


As holders we’re top seeds. Bring on Mexico 2026!

Of course it’ll be Pedro leading the line, and he has just reached retirement age. How fitting.


You’ll notice there that alongside his frightening International record this season, he’s also got a league goal!


AND IT WAS ON HIS BIRTHDAY. I AM EXCITED. But not as excited as I am to see him get his 100th cap. You can read the full live text of that match here


Ok, it’s a meaningless friendly with the USA but he took part. 100s up!


Anyway, in less exciting news the first final of the season will be contested between Chelsea and Forest.


Nobody cares. We’re still hoping to retain our FA Cup but we’ve got to go to Stamford Bridge in a replay and the reward is a semi final with Leeds, who have reverted to the all conquering side of the 70s. Bugger.


We do however have the re-generated Ariel Ortega, onto his 2nd or 3rd iteration now and carrying the rather not Argentine name of Gabriel McAllister.


Hopefully he can fill the void left by Joel Domoraud (Bakayoko). We’ve got more of a chance of winning the Cup Winners Cup, after a battling draw in Norway took us to the Semi Finals.


We’ve drawn Twente which is probably the kindest of the options, though still not easy.

The big boys of Europe are battling it out and once again, no English team in sight…though well done Hajduk Split I guess.


Constant finalists Hercules have been whipped and you’d probably say Fiorentina are favourites now, but we’ll see. All Italian final? All French final?


One of my first signings on this save was Bjorn Heidenstrom, so I’ve decided to make my last ever signing his re-gen. He’s been with me at Newcastle and Milan but at 34, he’ll be a useful man to have around for the final months.


Our league form has been poor, we’ve struggled for goals a bit as Carbon’s form has dropped off, we’re 7th and we’ll be looking to finish in the top 6 if we can.


Leeds are going to be triple Champions. Stoke however, are not. Beardsley’s Man City should be ok, but he’s got one eye on Mexico.


We’ve come to the end. One update to go but it’s going to be emotional. We’ll go to Mexico for World Cup 2026 and Darlington will try and win in European competition one more time. Hold me.


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