The End

Since I started this blog in January 2015, I’ve not really had any aims or targets. I just wanted to play the game from start to finish and hopefully bring it to you, blow by blow, in a slightly enjoyable manner. I’m glad to say that at least one of those aims has come true – the jury is very much out on the other one!

The question I am asked more than any other – what happens in the end? Well the truth is I didn’t know. I’d received a couple of screenshots from people who had reached the end but I hadn’t seen it happen myself. However, at the end of Season 29, it happened.


I also took the decision to record the end, just in case you want to see how it goes down. It’s pretty brutal, and even lulls you into false hope by giving you the awards screen but from then on it is like removing a plaster. One click and it’s done. See for yourselves:

On the plus side, the saved game remains so I can sift through the stats and things at my leisure. Peter Beardsley will remain 65 forever. World Cup holder indefinitely. If you’re looking for the last post in the series, it is here

As it turns out, I reached this point in the game as I was about to move house, so the timing was impeccable. I’m not saying this is the end for the blog, I might start a new save at some point but I’ll probably do a Twitter poll at some point. I’m open to offers!

Anyway, for all of you that have supported me through this save (and of course the first save that was so cruelly cut short) through the re-tweets, the general chit chat, buying the book, telling your friends – Thank You. You’re all wonderful people.

For now though, as a famous knight who features as a background in CM9798 once said; it’s farewell but not goodbye.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift, the book on CM9798 is a great stocking filler!


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