CM9798 on an Android Phone?!

One of the questions I am most commonly asked is if it is possible to get CM9798 to work on my phone/ipad/tablet and many other variances of those devices. I’ve always had to say it’s not possible – until now that is…

Adam Grimes took some time out to create some video guides, but I’ve broken them down in to a step by step guide below:

First things first, you need to download the game to your laptop/computer. Adam used a website called but you can use any version of the game as far as I know. Of course, scan everything you download, do it at your own risk etc etc. If you’ve already got it on your latpop you shouldn’t need to download it again.

Connect your Android to Laptop using a USB cable.

Copy the CM9798 folder from PC to downloads folder on Android Phone

You’ll need to download File Commander, Dosbox Turbo (not free) and Dosbox Manager (free)

On your Android, if you look in the Downloads folder you’ll find CM9798

Open Dosxbox Manager – click and hold on default, copy profile, call it a name such as cm9798

Click and hold on cm9798 folder, then choose edit config

Go into Dosbox settings

scroll down to Autoexec

In the autoexec file, type the following to run the game. The filepaths are based on Adam’s guide so if you have named anything differently you’ll need to take that into account.
mount c:/storage/emulated/0/Download
cd cm9798
cd games
cd chmpmn97
set DOS4G=quiet

Recommended Settings:

Set Memory Size as high as possible
Cycles (Auto) and Frame skip (default)
Select Input Mode – Touchscreen mouse
Mouse Tracking – Absolute
Overlay Buttons – button location (top)
Button controller maps – virtual keys for space, right mouse button

In DosBox Manager, click Championship Manager. The game should open, you can then choose whether it’s the 8MB or 16MB version that you run.

If you’d like to see the videos (and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see Adam recorded these in his van. Top dedication.) they are below:

Part 1

Part 2

I don’t have an Android so I can’t test this myself, but please do tweet me your results. Good luck!


8 thoughts on “CM9798 on an Android Phone?!

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  2. You can use “Magic DOSBOX” app which is free & million times better. It’s easier to configure & play dos games. You wont need that dosbox manager app either. Just download the game directly from any site or get it from your PC. The app has excellent an excellent guide which will help you install it.

    • With magic dosbox it works perfectly.
      It is also necessary to create a “keyboard” button in order to type a game name and manager, or to search for players.
      Obviously the loading speed during the game is lower than in a current computer.

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