Going Dutch

I admit it, I got an idea in my head and I wanted to run with it. The American Takeover save was a nice experiment, but once the initial season or two were out of the way, it was business as usual. I didn’t really have the desire to take Altrincham up through the divisions as I’ve done it a couple of times now on different saves. It was time for something new. I want to win.

I don’t mean a couple of things here and there either. I want to take one of the super powers and win the whole lot. Then retain it. I love Andrew Mainwaring but I’d rather have Ronaldo. You catch my drift?

My initial thoughts were PSG or Ajax. Both have squads full of unbelievable players. I let Twitter decide.

Poll Results

Some of the other suggestions caught my eye but I’ve explained below why they are out:

Borussia Dortmund – They start the game as European Champions, which kind of defeats the point. I also did a save with them on The Higher Tempo Press, so I decided against doing it again.

PSV – Similar to Ajax, they start in the Champions League though and I see Ajax as the glamour club of the time (sorry!)

AC Milan – A good shout as I love the Italian league but I was them for a number of years on the main blog save.

Anderlecht – I’ve never done the Belgian league but Anderlecht have a European ban after season 1 so that would make it pretty difficult to progress.

Luton Town – Presumably some sort of sick joke

So, to Amsterdam. I’m salivating at trying to manage this set of players:

Ajax Squad

SO MANY OPTIONS. How do you keep them all happy? I have no idea. But it should be a laugh finding out. Ajax are in the UEFA Cup, so it’s a necessity that I win that. It’ll be a blog where I look more closely at my own performances with the odd tidbit about the outside world, but I hope you’ll join me for it. I’m off to learn some Dutch

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