Ajax Clean Up

Hello! Welcome to the third and final part of the 1999/00 season. Things are going pretty well for us at Ajax, with our 100% league record still in tact and just points away from the league title being sewn up. The Champions League has seen us drawn against Barcelona and we’re struggling to get a team out, but that’s all part of the fun. Besides, we’ve always got the Amstel Cup to fall back on. Then we have Euro 2000 to look forward to, though England don’t, so maybe the less said about that the better. Let’s get on with it.

I suppose it would be rude to break tradition, I’m starting witht the pointless cup over in jolly old England

League Cup

I still don’t know why Derby are in this

LC Final 00

What a great day out for those Derby fans. 120 minutes and one penalty successfully scored. Still, they took first and were winning very very briefly.

We may as well stay cuppy and bring you the FA Cup.

FA Cup

The semi finals also pitted Derby against Man Utd

FA SF Results 00

OMG they just can’t be separated.

SF Replay 00

Oh, my mistake. So, onto the final, and Arsenal vs Man Utd is always a classic

arsenal 2 - 2 man utd FA cup final

Keith O’Neill of course turned down Barcelona to sign for Man Utd…played one game in 18 months and signed for Arsenal. Well, in your face Sir Alex. Now you have to play a replay

FA Final replay 00

Sir Alex is normally right. Paul Okon?!

We’ll check in on the Premier League table in a bit, I’m thirsty…

Dutch Cup

Time for our annual dose of ALCOHOL SPONSORSHIP. Would you believe it, we won it again.

Dutch cup final 00

It still seems rather unfair that Feyenoord’s ground is the neutral venue. Like, is PSV’s ground a dump or something? Zidane headed in a late winner and we all got smashed.

You don’t need to be Paul the Octopus to predict us winning the league but could we do it with the 100% record?

dutch league final 00

Well, yes we could. I just wish we’d scored one more goal, it would have given me a sense of completeness. Still, 34 out of 34 is no mean feat. I’m over the moon.

However, the prize I really want is the Champions League, and Barcelona stand in our way. The first leg, in Barcelona, sees us score the vital away goal but at the cost of three players.

barcelona 1 - 1 ajax

Cafu faces a race to be fit (he wins most races, in fairness to him) for the 2nd leg as Dyer is out injured for the season. Campbell and Litmanen’s Champions League campaigns are over. I’ll forgive Dion Dublin, you have to really.

Onto the second leg and the Amsterdam Arena was extended for nights like this

ajax 1 - 0 barca

Ronaldo knocks out his old club and let the party times begin!


ajax barca player ratings

That puts us in the final but Frank De Boer is banned, Dublin is injured and Campbell suspended. I have literally three defenders and the unhappy Ole Tobiasen, a right back, has to be fielded at left back with Curtis holding the fort and Cafu being Cafu. Our opponents will be Juventus, who knocked out PSG and beat us at the semi-final stage last year.

Not only is the team news against us, the final is being played in Rome which should be at advantage for Juventus. However, from the outset, we dominate the game. Peruzzi makes save after save and the woodwork is rattled. Just before half time, Victor Onopko cuts out a throughball with his hand. We demand justice and the referee obliges. Surely, our time is now. Cometh the hour, Ronaldo makes the breakthrough, sweeping home a cross on the volley. 20 minutes later, former Juve man Zidane heads home from a corner and that’s it – Champions of Europe!

CL Final 00

Of course it is one thing to win everything but it is another to retain it. We also have to add the World Club Cup and the SuperCup, so there’s life in this save yet.

This looks comprehensive

managers of the month

Over in England, their league season is coming to a rather exciting finish. This is the state of play heading into the final day

prem last day

All Aston Villa have to do is beat lowly Derby at home to win the league and also condemn Derby to relegation

last day results

Oh look, they did. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Villa/Spurs 1-2 in the 3rd season. Man Utd were unstoppable for a bit but now they’re 7th. Football.

Here’s the table

prem top 00

Toight. Only 9 points between 1st and 8th. At the bottom…

prem bottom 00

West Ham are down again, that defence is anything but toight. Derby have suffered more than most in this update, I’m sure they’ll be back.

Euro 2000 is in Holland! The concept of co-hosting with Belgium wasn’t included but England failed to qualify. Georgia made it though – cheers Glenn. Anyway, the Dutch can’t take pens. Still.

dutch cant take pens

It’s a tournament full of goals, even in the semi final stage

italy 0 - 0 france

portgual 0 - 1 norway

Why leave Figo on the bench for 120 minutes? Problem the same reason Norway left Solskjaer and to a less extent Erik Nevland unused. Stupidity, that’s why. Anyway, the final is at our stadium

euro 2000 final

Henry & Zidane were banned, but those two along with Sibierski have had golden seasons with 4 winners medals to add to the collection.

I am planning to switch to a 4-2-4 next season rather than the 3-1-3-3 that has served me so well so far. Why? Variety is the spice of life. Also, this:

batistuta signs

OH MY. Here’s some awards – we come out of it quite well

dutch awards 00

Maybe I’ll sign Pep. Ronaldo is loved, it’s pretty rare the same player wins two awards on this game

english awards 00

That’s all I have for you this time, but what a horn tooting update. We’ve won the lot but now we need to go one better and win everything again (plus the Super Cup etc) and then we can say we’ve done what we set out to do. Join me next time to find out if pairing Batistuta with Ronaldo is just plain stupid or whether it is the best idea anybody ever had.

Dedicated in loving memory to our family dog, Tilly, who sadly left us this week just short of her 19th birthday. A better assistant manager I could not ask for. Sleep well Hungry Till.


Tilly Black (1998 – 2017)

5 thoughts on “Ajax Clean Up

    • I find 3-1-3-3 to be very successful with solid players. Have used another one from this site that’s … 3-1-2-3-2 (I think) … with 3 attacking midfielders behind 2 strikers.

  1. Condolences on the loss of your lovely dog. I recently started back up again with a diabolical team … Queen of the South … and was sacked! Am anything but a novice at this game, but have you any tips for trying to build a team up from scratch when it’s so difficult to secure half-decent players? All the best.

    • Thank you for your kind words about the dog.

      For smaller teams, I always use 5-3-2 and I’d say use your scouts to find the “Highly rated” players on free transfers. The scouts really know what they are doing, but of course if you get any of Andrew Mainwaring, Graeme Tomlinson, Andrew Duncan, Anthony Betterton or any of the famous Partick Thistle kids (Dunn, Lauchlan, Martin) that will help

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