World Champs!

Hello! It’s the second update of Season 4, but as 2000 becomes 2001 we have the chance to win two more cups, perhaps competitions that don’t really capture the imagination of the Amsterdam public but they are important to me and achieving the aim which I have dreamt of for the past 11 weeks. Is it only 11 weeks? I feel like I’ve known these guys all my life. Anyway, here’s what I’m on about.

An early blow as we head into the winter months’ is that Thierry Henry has broken his foot

henry broken foot

That rules him out until March, so hopefully he’ll be back in time for the Champions League quarter finals – if we get there.

Those hopes are in the balance a little bit after a stalemate with Real Madrid

0-0 Real Madrid

It wasn’t for lack of trying but that’s both group games against them where we haven’t scored and I have to say that’s a concern. A win over Rangers secures our passage as one of the two best runners up.

Rangers 1 - 2 Ajax

Seemingly nobody can score against Real Madrid.

CL group final 00

The quarter final lineup is typically packed with talent, and Gothenburg. We always seem to have to play Juventus but you know what, that’s fine. I’ll come back to the Quarter Finals later on.

CL QF draw 01

First up though we’ve got to play the World Club Cup in Japan. Ronaldo is actually suspended for collecting too many yellow cards during the Champion League group games but fortunately he has a pretty useful understudy these days.

Ajax 1 - 0 Vasco

It took extra time but we got there. It’s an absolutely packed schedule, not helped by our two toughest domestic fixtures following trips to Japan and a vital Champions League qualifier. Thanks, the Dutch FA.

xmas fixtures

Anyway, as you can see through the power of rotation we have survived until Boxing Day, still unscathed, but our usual month off is halved by the trip to France to face Auxerre in the European Super Cup first leg.

It goes really well.

Auxerre away

Their keeper gets man of the match but some of our lads desperately underperformed. We’ll need a recovery in the return leg

Ajaz 4 - 1 auxeree

Yippee, though a very nervous final 8 minutes where one goal would have beaten us. Still though, another trophy in the cabinet.

Having said that, the people of Amsterdam could not care less.

low attendance

Their loss. Still, at least we are keeping our rivals at bay

PSV 1 - 2 ROnaldoajax 3 - 1 feyenoord

I sometimes feel it’s not fair having Ronaldo in this league. But when he fails, Batistuta is around to keep our 100% record alive

batigol AZ


bati 90

Lovely Gabriel.

All of that leave us one point from a fourth consecutive league title, and 6 games from another 100% season. Dreamy.

DUtch league top March 01

We’re also still in the lovely Dutch Cup, though we survived a scare to reach the final

Dutch Cup SF pen win

Dion cleared distracted by 90s model Caprese having her penalty saved but we got away with it. And the best thing is, it isn’t bloody Feyenoord away in the final for once

feyenoord out

What a game! It’ll be NAC in the final though

Dutch Cup SF Resulys 2001

Back to the main event then and that Champions League clash with Juventus, we’ve rushed Henry back (which seems to be a bad idea) and have a mad 5 minutes before half time.

Juve Leg 1

Sibbers gets an away goal and in many ways, I’d say that’s a good result.

Especially when you run through teams at the Arena

Ajax 4 - 1 Juve

Rare to see Richard Witschge in the goals but everybody else does it. That, by the way, is a record attendance.

It could be Barca, it could be Real Madrid…

CL QF results 01

Fortunately, it’s Spurs

CL SF Draw 01

With the greatest respect to Tottenham, look at their squad:

spurs squad

Still, going up against Zidane could be the making of Stephen Clemence. Sadly, Sol Campbell is injured for me or else I’m sure he’d get a lovely welcome.

Staying in England, the pointless cup final is ready

LC SF Results 01

Newcastle are in their third final in four years, they really love the cup with no prize.

Meanwhile in the FA Cup, it’s similarly random.

FA SF Draw 01

The Premier League table has a more familiar look to it, with Man Utd looking good to regain the trophy they lost to…Aston Villa. Where are Villa?

prem top march 01

Not in there…

prem bottom march 01

There they are! With last year’s runners up and my semi final opponents Tottenham loitering in the bottom half. Takes all sorts really.

That’s me done though for another week. Next week will be the last update before I take a summer break, so due to unpopular demand if we make the Champions League final I’ll do a live text. If we don’t make the Champions League final, I will resign in protest. Anyway, have a pleasant week and I’ll be back next weekend.

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