The Four Seasons

Good day to you, and welcome to the final update of the fourth season. If you didn’t read yesterday’s Champions League Live Text, the next 700 words will be a nice surprise for you. If you did, then some of this will not be news. Nevertheless, I’d appreciate it if you pretend you are reading this for the first time. To set the scene, Ajax are winning lots and we stand on the verge of another league, cup and Champions League treble. I’m not saying this is the last update of this particular story arc, but there’ll be a lot of summing up.

As ever, let’s start with the Pointless Cup in merry old England

League Cup

LC final 01

Newcastle win their second in four years, in a competition they’ve really made their own. But get nothing for. Wonderful.

FA Cup

The semis are lacking a bit of star power, but Wimbledon are looking to win their first since 1988

FA SF results 01

Boro of course lost the 1997 final on their way to being relegated, but wouldn’t you just know that such a wonderful final would need to be replayed

FA Cup final 01

I’m pleased they abolished that rule. Boro win the replay and everyone is delighted.

FA Cup final replay 01

Now, over in Holland, the Amstel Cup is a great source of hydration for me. For once, we don’t have to play Feyenoord in their own back yard and instead we get to play NAC, who Ronaldo puts to the sword. Just.

Dutch Cup final 01

That game is in Rotterdam, as was the previous game – the last day of the regular league season saw us travel to Feyenoord…

feyenoord 1 - 2 ajax

A rare Ronaldo miss but another 3 points and two wins in De Kuip in a row. What does that mean for the league table?

dutch league top final 01

100% Now, let’s pull in the previous three tables for the sake of completeness

dutch league final 00

Dutch League Final 99Dutch league final

So that’s 404 points out of 408. My only regret is not scoring 100 again. But it is a small regret. We haven’t lost in 4 seasons.

We’ve also won the mutch coveted Amstel cup 4 years in a row which makes me an alcoholic I think.

dutch cup history

Ah, TOP Oss. I remember that final well. Enough of this self indulgence

Champions League

Now, if you didn’t read it yesterday, I covered the Champions League final in a live text which you can find here. If you prefer to read it the old fashioned way, it’s below.

Hey look we made the final

CL SF Results 01

Spurs were stubborn but unthreatening, like an old dog. Barcelona did what we couldn’t and hammered Real Madrid, so we’ll face the Catalans in the final

FT Result

We did it! In our third consecutive game in Rotterdam we retain the Champions League. For more reaction and frivolity, live text. Seriously, I spent a bank holiday writing that.

Premier League

Back to a bit of normality after last season’s shenanigans

prem top final 01

Ferguson and Dalglish are still at Man Utd and Newcastle respectively, and of course this is the order they start the game in. So nothing has changed…

You’ll notice my Champions League opponents Spurs are nowhere to be seen, well set your faces to stunned

prem bottom final 01

To think I drew 0-0 with them. Mind you they only conceded 1 goal a game on average so it’s obvious where the problem lies.

Incidentally with Bury bottom of the table it’s not hard to see why Dean Kiely got PFA Player of the Year

English awards 01

I don’t know who Thomas Frigard is but…crikey.

Over in Holland, old Dicky Witschge gets the Dean Kiely treatment

Dutch Awards 01

That though is all I have to say. We’ve had four great seasons and I’ve actually enjoyed this save more than most, your interaction has been outstanding and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what is probably the best team I’ve ever cobbled together. I say that a lot but it means more when they are real players.

I am going to take a break for the summer now, but fear not CM9798 lovers, I promise there will be new updates to come. This game is 20 years old in October and I’m planning some celebratory pieces. Of course the success of them very much depends on people getting back to me in a timely fashion, but the idea is there. Maybe there will be cake.

In the meantime, I’ve branched out into Cricket Management (just to fit in this summer, you know) and you’ll find my blog on that over at The Full Toss, who have very kindly agreed to host my work. I wish you all a very pleasant summer and I’ll no doubt be talking nonsense on Twitter if you need me.

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    2 Attackers

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