Guest Blog: Seagull Shouts – Part 4

As Dave’s holiday draws to a conclusion, so too does the first season of MK‘s save with Brighton. Can they get over the line and secure promotion at the first attempt? Catch up with Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 if you missed them

So, last time I mentioned that there may be a new arrival. Someone who is a bit of a legend. Well… Enter Man Utd man Brian ‘Choccy’ McClair. The first man to score more than 20 goals in a season at Utd since George Best! He’s a 4 time Premier League winner and 3 time F.A. Cup winner. That sure is some pedigree, eh?


It’s a long way into the season and he’s well into his 30’s, but very capable at this level and will be a useful backup for next season too, even if we make it up.

mcclair stats

Interest is high for my in form star men. Look at this offer and these clubs. So glad of that little loan market listing fix!

bid for Heid

bid for tomlinson.JPG

bid for lakin

The season is drawing to a close and although we’re flying high there are others close by too. Having said that, 39 league games down and not only are we still in the running, we’re out in front!

39 game table

Brighton Fixtures played

Looking at the remaining fixtures, that last game against Chester could be a title decider. What are the chances?

remaning fixtures

Meanwhile, Newcastle have won the League Cup final.

LC final 98

Did I mention we had reached a (tin pot) cup final against the team at the top of Division 2? A trip to Wembley and a shot to lift the W/Screen Shield!

Blackpool squad

Recognise that keeper? A 90’s football legend. It’s Shaka!

After a tight first half we’re at 2-2 to my surprise. Less possession, more chances but more wasteful too. One of the rare days that Tomlinson can’t hit a barn door.

wscreen shield

But then… The flashing screen… The sudden death rule (remember that?)

sudden death

Got to love the drama of a cup final, even if it is a minor one. Maybe this side will reach Wembley again in the not too distant future, but if they do you can bet it will be a playoff rather than a cup.

shield winners

That has earned us a few £s, although the cup run has set us back in the league.

But after winning our games in hand and Chester dropping points we manage secure promotion!

40 played

In the Premier League there was a walkover. Coventry dropped off from that second spot they had earlier on in the season.

prem top 98

Now with promotion in the bag all there was left to play for was the title

promotion fixtures

One win would do it. Would that last game be the decider?

hull 4-0

What a spoiler. The drama of a last day decider would have been great, but I’m more than happy to secure the title ahead of what will be a tricky fixture.

brighton win

Chester smashed us 3-0, which made it look really tight but even so. Won it by a point. Glad it didn’t come down to that last game!

Cup final time. Sorry Liverpool. A young Michael Owen hasn’t had the immediate impact he usually has in the game.

ajax 3-0

Chelsea stumble in finals both in Europe and at home, which would have salvaged something from a weak league campaign. They always seem to make strange signings.

chelsea CWC

FA Cup

Although there was further joy for Man Utd with a League and Champions League double!

CL Final

So it is end of season time and I won manager of the year


I’d like to make a special mention to Superman, I mean Graeme Tomlinson. Here’s how he compared to the other players in our league:

GT average ratings

top scorers


We’ve made a decent profit this season from the decent attendances and the cup win at Wembley. We have just over £1,000,000 in the coffers.

It will be interesting to see how Tomlinson and Co. cope with the step up to Division 2 and whether he makes the grade there or whether it will be time to cash in on his ever increasing market valuation.

Let’s see if there are any decent players we can attract and if we can carry the momentum on in to the new season.

See you in Division 2!

You can follow MK on Twitter @SeagullShouts – MK will be back later in the year with season two.






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