(Future) Premier League Stars – Part 3

Ross is back with Part 3 of the challenge I have set him, which basically involves building a team of players who would go on to make a name for themselves in the Premier League. Part 2 is available here

Part 3 and it’s the business end of things. We need Europe and it’s the final countdown (80s gag, kids go ask your parents).

With goals being a problem and my strikers either old (Sir Les and Jurgen) or not hitting the highs I had hoped (Bakayoko and Shev) I need something more.


Good price for this player. Just hope he doesn’t come down with whatever my other goal scorers have come down with.

A bit of creativity is needed in the middle of the park Nicola Berti normally wanes after a bright start and Nielsen and Howells are to workmanlike. Only Juan player do…


The future Man Utd flop signs for us, somehow. He fell out with his manager at Sampdoria and I pounced.

With the two new recruits in I set about staring at Bakayoko and Ruud Van Nistelrooy during training so they pull their finger out.


Veron had picked up a niggle before the game and wasn’t risked. And Ruud took his chance well by setting up Jurgen, who celebrates by his usual diving onto the turf. Laundry lady wasn’t impressed. But an away win is still an away win. But our 0-1 1-0 wins seem to be a bit too close for comfort.


A crazy last 30 second in which Veron sets up Jurgen for a nose bleeding 2 in 2 games. Yet the crazy gang go thumping up the field and Neil Ardley somehow finds himself one-on-one with Walker and slides in.

White Hart Lane falls silent, more to do with the fact that Wimbledon don’t have many fans, but also Spurs fans are a fickle lot.

Now I know Dave hates this cup and is probably right given the fact it offers no European football it seems a little pointless.


But this may change his mind.

Our next meaningful game is the big one. North London derby at the Lane. Our form has slipped recently and we are out of the European places. I’ll be honest and O’Neill hasn’t really caught fire. Just a flicker


Luckily, I have a German in form and despite going 0-1 down the crowd get behind us and roar us to a thumping. I can feel a run coming on now and it’s a trip to the champions elect for the last day of the season, but I’m confident.


Now at first look this does appear like a typical, turn up at Old Trafford and get a hiding.
But let’s look at the stats.


See, who on earth goes to OT and get 5 times more shots that they do and more possession. I can’t really fault the player, well maybe the goalie but he still refuses to get his hair cut.


A win and a few favours could see us 3rd. But this is Spurs.


You’re probably wondering where the game is but it was so bad  even 0-0 seemed generous.

The bottom of the table looked like this:


Arsenal escaping by 1 point. I’m sure the fans will warm to Wenger sooner or later.

As its also World Cup year I’ll throw in the semi-final for you.


Now followers of @CM9798 will know a few years back he wrote a very good book (still available on amazon and good book stores) that involved taking England to the World Cup.

In this ‘reality’ England have glided their way through to the final where they will play Spain.


32 years of hurt are over. The streets of London and other places go wild.


A tight final with Paul Scholes scoring in the final few minutes. Wonder if Glenn Hoddle is reading this and notices who played number 11.

Anyway, till next time…

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