The Gialloblu Chronicles – Part 3

Monday is Ross day, with his Parma side getting off to a great start in parts 1 and 2 but as we reach Spring, are things going to take a turn for the worse? Catch up with part 2 here

Welcome back my friends. For those new to this, you’re very welcome but please read the first two parts or nothing will make sense.

We finished part 2 entering the winter break second to the mighty Juventus, going strong in the Champions League and very concerned for Kieron Dyer’s affection for all things ‘I’m a Celebrity’ related.

The aforementioned Juventus are our first game back from our mini break, which I took the players on holiday to Norfolk. All was going well till Denilson was almost washed away with the sea trying to play football on the beach. ‘It’s Great Yarmouth not Rio’ I said to him.

We get back to Italy for our biggest game of the season. And for 57 mins it seems the east Anglian weather has done the lads good.


Sadly, this puts to 3rd, and with top 2 going for the champions league I need to do better against the bigger teams.

Napoli are the next team to the Ennio Tardini, and after confiscating a bag full of Yarmouth Fudge off the players they seem calmer.


Decent sized crowd and the two best players so far of the season score.

The quarter final draw for the Champions League is next. I get the squad around the tele to watch. And after 30 mins of UEFA faffing and Dino Baggio squaring up to Dyer after Kieron refused to take a corked rimmed hat off, wWe finally know our opponents.


Paris in the first game. And even though this is pre-oil money PSG they are still decent and will cause us a lot of issues.

Our tough fixture period takes us to Lazio and the Olympic stadium. We are on an unbeaten run since November but not enough wins and to many draws keep us at bay in 3rd. Now wondering if the Glamour of Norwich has gone to their heads


Even a favourable red card doesn’t inspire the team to a win. With steady form in the league im looking for the team to pick the pace up for Paris.


Our 5 fans who travelled to the game will be delighted. Dogged game and really dug deep in the second half. Crespo taking up the senior role up front with Chiesa out. Will this kick start our league form?


Oh yes. Adailton is handy squad player, but the three non-EU rule means it’s hard to get him in the match day squad. The un-sung hero that is Blomquist repays my faith for starting him. And with PSG coming back to our ground in mid-week it should mean we go into the game on form.


Damn away goals. Also, is this the longest surname in the game? By the time Worns scored the guy on the tannoy had just figured out how to pronounce it. Our Euro dream is over for the season. The board are not happy, but I promise we will be back next season.

I sense the anger in the players. And the want fix things. More so for the fans and more so for me. I think anyway, my Italian isn’t up to scratch.

Piacenza feel the wrath of our exit from Europe.


I’m still waiting for us to really tear a team apart. But I’m happy with four and a clean sheet.

A quick look at the top three show Juventus have slipped up a little in the last few games and these two wins have put us above Inter for now.


5 games to go and only 3 points in it. It couldn’t be tighter, well it could we could all be on the same points but you get my drift.

Please come back for the final part of the first season. Can we qualify for the Champs league? Will the board keep me on? And can we keep Dyer away from trying to set up something called ‘Celebrity Cyclone’

Ciao for now.

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