Totti’s Team: Part 2

Rob Tait is back with more from Rome. An inconsistent start in part 1 means Totti and friends need to have a strong winter. Should the wolf on the Roma badge look so worried? Let’s find out

If you missed part 1 here is a brief summary. Build a team around the young playmaker Totti in order better his individual career achievements and the club’s. We started poorly getting knocked out of the Coppa Italia in round 2 by non league opposition. Since then we have improved dramatically and rebanded ourselves as the entertainers of Italy. We are currently 6th in Serie A.

A positive start to November sees the lads give me two presents, one either side of my birthday with successive 3-0 victories! Clean sheets are better than goals, said nobody ever, but maybe this is our defensive turning point Santos and Aldair marshalling the troops, two Brazilian internationals holding the line.


As an aside Gerard Houllier is appointed manager of Red Star 93 (that sounds like a beer) at the end of November.


We follow that loss with three victories on the bounce, 4:2, 5:0 and 3:1. This takes us to the halfway stage of the season and a 6th position but only six points from 1st. We really need to carry this momentum forwards.


There is an early Christmas present for Fiorentina, poor Gabby.


The new year is upon us and for once we manage to keep our positive run of form going.


We can’t stop winning in January, two more 2:1 victories followed by a 4:2 drubbing of Napoli and we are flying high.

As the transfer deadline looms Inter and Lazio start making plays for my big names. If they can’t beat me on the pitch maybe they can buy my players and stop me that way.


Persistent buggers Lazio, I’m not sure I would be welcome in Roma if I had allowed this deal to go through. I’m also certain CM Totti would accept and be off, which would be funny but not entirely helpful given the idea behind this save.

January ends with Champions League qualification is in my sights as we lie in second place, we may even sneek the league at this rate. The squad is buzzing and to top it all of I am awarded manager of the month for January.


The first game of February is against Juve, 1st vs 2nd the classic six pointer.


Not a bad result and it shows how far we have come but the main story is Totti’s injury, how long will he be out for? He is the talisman of the team, the driving force and I’m not sure he is really replaceable, especially not with an aging Argentinian striker who couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo.


A month, ok fingers crossed we can muddle through.

The next game is at home to Fiorentina, Batistuta is injured so that is a positive for us but I’m worried about how we will cope without Totti.


Old man Balbo stepping up to the plate in our time of need, I pat myself on the back as I mumble away to myself about how my excellent man management skills and reverse psychology have worked wonders with Old Balbo. However disaster in the 76th minute as Pirri Pirri goes down injured. Half my first team strike force is out and to say the squad lacks depth is something of an understatement.

That brings us to the end of part 2, we a flying high in 2nd place but it is tight, eight points separate 1st and 7th, it’s wide open with seven games to go and with a couple of key injuries I’m worried about maintaining our good form. We have also conceded nearly twice as many goals as the other teams in the top five, I’m not going to worry though because I love goals and we are scoring plenty of them. A final bonus is Pirri Pirri is only out for 2 weeks so not too bad.


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