When Diego met Paul: Part 2

Ross is back with one of our quirkier series’ – Maradona and Gazza together at last. Playing for Tottenham Hotspur. If you missed part 1, here it is.

Hello, and welcome back to this mini-series. If you haven’t read the first part then well done you on finding this without it.

So far, so good down at the Lane. Diego has rented an apartment near Soho, can’t think why. And Gazza has found his Gold suit from 96. Let the games begin!

I’m not a big fan of the League cup. No Europe if you win it, but Diego wants to play.


Yay! 6-2! Whoopy do! Bar Maradona the side I put out was weaker than usual. And yet we still go through.

The league is what I want. But before we kick another ball this surprise happens.
Normally does well but hey ho, not my problem.


Palace come to the Lane, we get off to a Dyer start but Sir Les takes over after.


Do love a hat-trick. Les seems to be loving having Diego play behind him. Two assists from the curly haired Argentinian and the fans love it.


Noooooooooooo. Not again. He has begun the season so so so well. He was even mistaken for Maradona because he grew his hair out a bit.

With England finishing runners up to Italy they will need a play off to get to France.


Yikes. But the second leg at home should make it easier.

Liverpool away and we have no Gazza or Carr. Not a good feeling about this one.


Hate it when I’m right. We barely enter there half. Thou Diego did visit the Cavern Club and get a load of Beatles memorabilia. Hard day’s night indeed.

Luckily, we are at home next. We play Wednesday on Saturday.


Stefanovic was so upset by that previous pun he lashed out on David Howells. How anyone would want to hurt David is beyond me. Good to see Nielsen and Jurgen on the scoreboard.

David was still raging about this on training. And as a experienced member and legend, I ask Maradona to give him some words of advice.


FFS Diego! What did you tell him? Lamping Euell was not ideal but we held on to take a point.

Now my rule on transfers is that I can only buy what I sell. Yet no one until this point wants to leave. Not even Judas Campbell. Until…


Laters Ramon. Just as long as someone wants you that is.

Pointless cup time. Hoping for a 90 min run around for fringe players and if we get knocked out then so be it. What I don’t need is pens.


Went on for hours. Diego kept texting me during the shootout asking what movie to rent from Blockbusters. He didn’t understand you needed a card. Anyway, Colin Calderwood misses the crucial pen, but we are out. Never mind.

The players go off to international duties. England struggle against the Scots. Andy/Andrew Cole scores what could be a crucial last min goal.


Sir Les wasn’t happy not playing against Scotland. I tell him to take it out on Southampton.


Good lad. Normally a bogey ground we never break sweat.

Why the second leg wasn’t played straight after the first is beyond me but here we are, and this time Ferdinand does start.


He sends 70,000 home happy and relieved.


This is what happens when you celebrate to much Paul. And just before Man Utd show up.


We almost take 3 points, but Butt (always wanted to write that) heads an equaliser.

The next game is away to Bolton. I not saying anything, bar this pic from full time.


So annoying.

I say we need to hit more goals to climb back up the league. The last few draws leave us 4th. We need more from our Argie magic man.

We take out our frustrations on Dave’s men.


And then Chelsea


I let the lads boys celebrate at Diego’s gaff.


Hmmm. Around Xmas? Well he has played well so I will let him off.

Anyway, here are the tables, both and top and bottom you lucky lot.


Which leaves…


Barnsley are pretty much doomed and we hang onto Man United’s coat tails just about.

Until next time, ciao for now.

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