2018/19 Database update from cm97-98.eu

Afternoon, just a quick one from me today. You may recall we did a play through of the 17/18 update last year as our friends at cm97-98.eu released an updated database. The good news is they have just released their update for the 2018/19 season which you can find here.

All you need to do is copy the .db1 files into your CM9798 folder to update the database – I would recommend copying your current files and backing them up somewhere though so you can swap back at a later date. Norbert has asked that you play CM2e16.exe only – there’s too much data for the 8MB game.

Here are some screenshots to get you in the mood:

14 thoughts on “2018/19 Database update from cm97-98.eu

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  2. I would like to just thank you for this, my missus will not appreciate you for this, as my time will be be truly occupied now. Last update I used and still playing was 05/06. Let’s do this. Thank you again

  3. I downloaded the files, for tge 2018/19 but only playersdb1 and mgdata1 are in there there. Once I replace the old files with these new one, I proceed to load the game up, but whilst it started the loading process , but 20% into it, the Thank you for playing cm9798 screen appears and it crashes. Do i need to download the tmdata.db1 or reload the whole original cm9798 database without my own modifications . Please advise.

      • I cleared any cm folders on my pc, went back and downloaded everything from the website again. Unfortunately it worked until my third friendly then it crashed.

  4. No worries got it working, but Damn some of the stats for quality players are shocking. Moreno ‘s stats are better than Robertson’s. Well I’m gonna give a go.

    • Yes I eventually got it working, I cleared any cm97/98 folders I had from my PC, well I put them on a separate storage device. Then I loaded the original Cm97/98 data, which had no modified players or stats back on to my pc. After doing that I loaded the update into the folder, and lord have mercy it worked. I have been playing it for a awhile. The wages and the money is a killer though. hope this helps.

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