CM9798 – The Greatest Team: Central Midfielders

It’s the penultimate episode of our greatest team series and with just two days until the team is revealed, you better get your votes in sharpish. Today we’re looking at the central midfield option, of which there is only room for one in our 2-3-1-2-2 formation.

Let’s meet the contenders:

Tommy Svindal Larsen

The Norwegian legend, Tommy Svindal Larsen has managed many a midfield in his time. Just look at his stats!


Tommy is probably the Twitter champion. Barely a mention of the game goes by without somebody name dropping this hero. It’s a bit weird as depending on what leagues you load, he doesn’t even make the cut, which is incredible really but the Norwegian leagues are packed full of brilliance. He can be picked up for a couple of million at most, but get him as soon as you can.

Jeff Brazier

Sometimes I ask myself what I was doing when I made this list. Here’s Jeff Brazier, yes TV’s Jeff Brazier.


I think I gave him the nod because his transformed the Academy from Third Division alsorans into…Second Division alsorans when he left for Bolton. I think I like the idea of Jeffrey more than his actual ability, though he is a brilliant free transfer in the lower leagues which might swing him some votes.

Marc Emmers

He’s a Belgian International who will cost you about £100k. He’s also insanely brilliant. Again, incredible stats.


Like TSL, he’ll back up those stats with incredible average ratings. He’s a central midfielder who can attack and defend which makes him, well ideal really. Obviously his age means his shelf life is relatively short but he was still useful for Waregem in season 7 so age is just a number. Will it be enough to earn Marc your vote?

Robert Dunn

It’s a while since we’ve been to Partick Thistle. Robert Dunn is here despite being a midfielder/striker.

Dunn start

Available for about £50k, Dunn’s value is guaranteed to increase over time making him the ideal candidate for clubs at a First Division level or maybe higher if you are willing to nurture him. Here’s Sheff Wed’s attempts after 4 years – again you can see a lot of his stats are randomised, his passing hasn’t nosedived thankfully.

dunn future

Morten Bisgaard

Another hero of mine who I even found a spot for in the all star Ajax team. Morten Bisgaard, ladies and gentlemen:


A little bit pricier at about the £4m mark, Bisgaard is no good to you if you’re in the lower divisions but if you are at the top level, he’s practically a bargain. He won’t sign for just anybody though and you’ll need to get him before he gets really good. In complete contradiction to that, here he is at West Ham.

bisgaard future

Denmark produces a lot of good players, for example Petr Degn just cost Barcelona £13m on the Academy save. Maybe he should be on this list. Anyway, vote Morten.

Gustavo Neffa

I went through a phase of always signing Gustavo Neffa. I’m really not sure why.


He’s about £1m and his contract is often expiring in the first season. This category was a slog.

So…after that inspiring run down of the central midfield options, all that is left for you to do is vote. We’ll have the right wingbacks tomorrow then the final reveal on Wednesday. In the words of Des’ree, oooh I get the shivers. Bye for now.

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2 thoughts on “CM9798 – The Greatest Team: Central Midfielders

  1. Tough call here Dave.
    Choosing between Emmers, TSL and Bisgaard. I’ve had great success with both Bisgaard and TSL in the AMC (R/L) positions in your 4231 formation. However, Emmers is phenomenal player, always produces in the Big games.

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