Building Brazil – Part 2: Magic in Madeira

Rob Tait is back in Portugal for part two of his latest project. He’s building an entire team of Brazilians with the first task of getting out of the Portugese second division. Catch up with part one here

We finished part 1 three points clear at the top with a nine wins, one draw and a loss. Unfortunately while I was writing Part 1 I managed to lose the last three games I’d played by forgetting to save and then closing the window by mistake. It means that Marquinhos isn’t injured and Newcastle didn’t get beaten by Forrest. We also won the game we drew in the replay. With that out of the way Maia visit the “Tree House” that’s what I’m calling our stadium since we are Wood Utd. We continue how we finished part 1 with a simple victory.


We then head to Beira Mar (Sea Shore) and wipe out on a 6 footer.


This was a classic CM game if ever there has been one, Carlos was meant to stop this sort of thing. Over in England the FA have got fed up with faith healing and prayer instead of physio and team talks.


He jumps before he is pushed.


Back in Portugal we travel to Viseu who sport the most “Norman” of kit choices, Grey on Grey! They have a team of Portuguese David Batty’s and our South American flair is too much for them with the deadly duo at it again.


Felgueiras visit us next and but they are no match either and despite going behind we roar back to a 3-1 victory.


Helcinho seems to be turning into a good buy providing goals and assists a plenty. An early Christmas present arrives for Josemildo Josa, he’s doesn’t even get in the first team and I think this is more an indication of the lack of Brazilian players rather than his fantastic potential.


An early Christmas party at the FA leads to an odd appointment.


Who will Newcastle appoint now?
That’s right you guessed it.


These funny goings on on Tyneside don’t put me off my stride and we continue our excellent form away to Alverca and at home to Moreirense. We also seem to have drummed up some more support as word gets out about the Brazilian Superstars gracing league 2.


Benfica refused Souness’ request for Christmas leave so he chucks in the towel. It was probably all part of a plan to avoid paying him off. If only Newcastle had hung on for a few more days.


The next fixture is the halfway point in the season so we travel to Mud Utd (Uniao de Lamas) and inflict a good old fashion whooping to take us into the Christmas break.


After some hearty Christmas and New years celebrations we head off to Dr Mac’s (check the stadium name) who says we have caught “Goal fever”.


Mario Jorge doesn’t like the fact that Carlos shouldn’t have been bought and is now getting all the game time so he ask to go on the transfer list, I accept because he conceded 97 goals in three games and he’s the wrong nationality.


The team are clearly not happy with this, for some reason he was a dressing room favourite so they protest in the game against Leiria. Lads he was crap and Carlos even sounds Brazilian.


That was the final game for this update and takes us two thirds of the way through the season. With only league games to worry about and there are just 34 of them time is flying by. We are the most Honor-able team in Portugal at the moment.


Laelson is still with us and Marquinhos is a great strike partner, these two remind me of better days when Cole and Beardsley were tearing up the Premier League.



Helcinho and Serginho are excellent too and these four form the quadrant of doom. At 37 and with a pace, strength and stamina of 3 Serginho is a new hero to me and I’m definitely getting his regen. See you for part 3 where we see if we can get into the first division at the first attempt.

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