Building Brazil – Part 7: Consistently inconsistent

Anybody reason for Season 3? Rob Tait has been steadily building a team of Brazilians to compete in Portugal. Will this be the start of something big? Catch up with part 6 here.

Welcome back to season 3. Last year we finished 8th in our first season in the Primeira Divisao. A good start, even the board said so, however things were not all rosy at Brazil Base 2.0. Inexplicably Wood Utd do not have a high reputation in world football so we can’t attract any real talent and we are lacking funds, all this can be summed up in the following negotiations.


Julio Cesar’s love child Wlad follows suit, even the young ones don’t think much of us.


1999 was the year of the Wlad in Brazil, Wlad Reg is on £10,000 a week. He is a regen of some DMC, he must be good as evidenced by his unwillingness to join our merry band. All this negativity has pushed me over the edge and in a fit of rage I sign.


I’ve bought him before and been unimpressed but a) I’m desperate b) He might thrive as the alpha fish in the little Brazilian pond and c) I’m really really desperate. So desperate in fact that I have to sign Walter Zenga’s regen as keeper cover (Free transfer) and this lad also free as DMC cover. I know they don’t hail from the land of Samba but quite frankly I don’t care right now, this idea is floundering.


A mini bonus occurs just before the season begins when a couple of young guys take a holiday to Madeira at the beginning of August only to lose their passports so they agree to stay to help our for the season.


It’s Rai and Branco reborn. This is the squad that will take on the top flight of Portuguese football in the third year of our adventure.


The season opener is against Academica we are the hosts and I’ll be lining up like this, our starting 11 contains 9 Brazilians and two Portuguese players, Carlos – GK and Vieira Frederico – DR.


Well oh my, I don’t know what I was getting all upset about, excluding the first four minutes this was the perfect game and the perfect start. da Costa introduces himself with a brace and Laelson doesn’t need any introductions.



That’s it then, blog over, it won’t get any better than this.

Obviously I didn’t stop there, after the first match of the season I’m thinking we can win the league, maybe we can.

Game 2 is away to Estrela Amadora and check this out. Even Savio gets on the score sheet, big fish small pond I knew he would be alright.


I’m happy, the team are happy, what a start to the season, we are flying, all they needed was a little time to bed in and get accustomed to their new home.


Seriously dude, are you joking, what is your problem…….. NO. Unfortunately Mega Da Stupid Head spreads his dissatisfaction around the dressing room and sweet innocent Laelson gets caught up in all this mess.


I really don’t understand why they have picked now, after an excellent start to the season to decide that they want to leave, get signed by a “Bigger” club and never play a game ever again! To remedy this potential disaster I go out and panic sign Robson. At least his stats look good.


It doesn’t help though our home match against Alverca is a dull affair that ends 0-0. We had a fair few chances but are woefully inaccurate.


The next game is worse, this time our poor shooting accuracy means we concede a soft goal and end up on the end of a 0-1 defeat to Belenenses.


Coming up next is Braga, they are a fairly decent side and so I’m a little worried. The result and the game tell two different stories, it looks like a solid 3-1 victory for us however of the 15 shots we have only four are on target, plus they scored an own goal. I’ll take the win, hopefully it will boost moral but we seem to have gone back to our inconsistent best. It’s gonna be a long season.


Let’s put all this negativity behind us, up next is the first round of the Taca. A good cup run will boost our reputation and then these lads will change their mind. We travel to second division opponents Penafiel. After 69 minutes we are cruising to 3-0 victory, the wonderful Nene has scored a hat trick. We make hard work of the last 20 minutes though and sneak through 3-2.



A nice 2nd round tie on the 8th November, can’t say the same about our next league match, away to Sporting Lisbon.


It was a shock, we were 0-1 down only to come back and snatch a late win Nene and Rai “reborn” with the vital goals. It was a close game and could have gone either way, a draw would have been fair but I’m not complaining.

I feel like the best way to describe this team that I’ve assembled is flamboyant but temperamental and this couldn’t be more evident than in our next result. A home tie against Salgueiros should present little problem for a side that has just gone toe to toe with the second best team in the league and won, and for 65 minutes it didn’t. 3-0 up at half time and cruising, we concede three goals in nine minutes and only to score a late winner and then hold on for the final nine minutes to avoid an embarrassing draw.


Seriously guys, why do you want to leave? We are building something special here.


All this unrest is affecting our focus and for a team that is already unpredictable at best I need less drama not more. Farense take advantage winning an even contest, they only had 5 shots on target. I’m starting to worry about Carlos.


In typical style we come back strong against Leiria, da Costa (Rai) has been an excellent loan acquisition, I hope they don’t recall him.


We must be doing something right as I am awarded a little trophy at the end of the month.


Unfortunately receiving this award, being 3rd in the league and having the same colours as Brazil are not enough to convince young Guto (Romario) that he should sign for us. This struggle to sign any of the young regens is getting me a little down.


Round two of the Taca takes my mind off the growing challenge of signing good players. This is the first time that Laelson and Nene have scored in the same match, I’ve dropped Savio, once again he seems wildly inconsistent, even more so than the rest of these jokers and I’m left wondering why I thought it would be any different this time.


Another nice tie for the 3rd round, little bit of a run developing here, I feel like we are an excellent cup team we just have to be peaking at the right times and we can beat anyone on our day.


In the league though these guys are going to send me to an early grave, we are 3-0 up again at half time and again we try really hard to throw it away. Da Silva will be out for a month which is a shame as he is probably our best player.


Our inability to play 90 minutes of football finally catches up with us against Vit. Setubal, we couldn’t get away with it forever but it is still annoying especially when we were 2-0 up at half time and we scored in the 85th minute to make it 4-3 only to concede a minute later.


I decide that this must be Carlos’ fault, he is out and young Walter Zenger Mk2 is in, he’s not Brazilian but neither was Carlos, hopefully he will be good, he does look it and at some point I’ll sell him for millions.


Well that is 11 games in the league and time to call it a day for this update. Come back next week to see how young Ange Bug does in goal, he’s a developing talent so I’m a little worried but he is also the future and maybe even a way to make some money.

League wise I couldn’t really ask for much more and if we can keep this up european qualification is on the cards and that might even attract some players. I’ll leave you with the league table.


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  1. Interested to see how Robson does. I have him too at Boavista but he can’t dislodge my Papin and Klinsmann regens. Your blog inspired me to try Portugal and to take on the big three. But sometimes I can’t sign Brazilians because of the work permit being refused.

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