The B’s of Manchester – Part 2

SupernovaDragon is back with part 2 of his CM experiment. The Man Utd youth team are competing in Division 2, will they be able to exist as a club in their own right? Catch up with part 1 here.

Hi, welcome back to this experiment where we take the youngsters of Man Utd and combine them into a B team in Division 2. We pick up where we left off, about to enter September. There was no manager of the month of the unbeaten manager of the league, instead it went to Buckley of Grimsby. I mention this because Grimsby is where we head to next for our match.

I keep the line-up and formation the same as before:


A nothing first half came and went with chances being wasted by us. The same can be said of the second half as it finished a very dull 0-0.


Also you may have noticed that Grimsby finished the match with 12 men on the pitch as they done 2 subs at the same time but 1 went off. No wonder I didn’t win. If only I could complain to the FA about this.

Next is at home to Bournemouth. I decide to drop Tomlinson for Twiss and I dropped Cooke and Mulryne for my lovely Tree and Thornley.


Needless to say, I think I have made the right decision. Notman put Twiss through who finished with ease, then Nevland put Notman though who scored. Then Thornley put Notman through who got brought down by Glass who got sent off for his trouble and Twiss converted the penalty. To end the half, Notman ran clear of the defence and got his second. Onto the second half.


In the end, not much happened in the second half until Bournemouth done a double change, as soon as that happened, Wes Brown handballed in the box and got sent off, Warren scored the penalty and then Town also scored a minute later. 4-2 it ended and Brown will be getting a serious talking to.

Ok John, if you’re that desperate to leave:


Next up is an away trip to Chesterfield. I noticed that Nevland’s energy was a little low so I have rested him and brought Tomlinson back into the starting line-up. I also had to drop McGibbon due to him being on international duty and brought Duncan in for him. After a very dull first half, in which it was 0-0 and the only interesting thing that happened was us injuring Reeves who went off on a stretcher, we went onto the second half.


We got pretty much dominated by Chesterfield and Wilkinson’s goal from a 1-on-1 was deserved. I then took the ineffective Twiss for Macken and as soon as I did Macken had a shot saved and then a Macken attempt got parried for Notman to finish. Then in the 74th minute, my Tree put a header at goal, the keeper saved only for Notman to pounce on the rebound. To be honest, I think we got away with this win.

We were then at home to play Fulham. I made a few changes to the line-up for this one. I brought McGibbon back for Duncan, Mulryne back for Thornley and dropped Twiss altogether for Macken to start and Nevland on the bench.


An action packed first half as you can see. Macken put Tomlinson through to score after 3 minutes, then in the 8th minute, McGibbon handled in the box, the referee ignored it only for the linesman to give the penalty, Thrope missed as it went out for a corner. From the resulting corner, Curtis was all over Arnott and the referee gave another penalty and this time Thorpe scored by putting it down the middle. Then McGibbon gave away a free-kick which resulting in a scramble in the box that Arnott scored. In the 38th minute, Mulryne’s low cross found Tomlinson free in the box to bury the equaliser.


Not much really happened until I brought Nevland on for Notman to play in the hole. Then Nevland had a shot saved and a few minutes later Nevland had another shot blocked by the defender, he then pounced on the rebound but rather than shoot, played in Tomlinson for his hat-trick. I thought we won this match then, until my 3rd centre back Brown decided to miskick the ball in the box and gift Moody with the goal. All in all, I’d actually say the draw was a fair result.

After the match, the board said they were delighted with the current position. I should think so, being top of the table. On news away from England, this is the earliest I have known Celtic to sack their manager Wim Jansen.

Our next match is at home, on the Sunday where there is literally no other matches on at all, against 2nd from bottom Wigan. I make a few changes, 1 of which is forced on me as Brown is suspended. In comes Casper, Duncan, Nevland, Cooke and out goes Brown, O’Kane, Notman and my lovely Tree. Or at least the Casper for O’Kane is what I meant to do. Turns out, I dropped Clegg and played O’Kane out of position on the left with Casper out of position on the right.

At half time, we were 2-0 thanks to my front 3 working well together. The first was Nevland playing Macken through who’s shot hit the woodwork and Tomlinson to follow it up, the second was after Tomlinson played Macken through to score. This match was beginning to look ominous for Wigan.


Full time and it stayed at 2-0. Notman came on and did something but I dunno what he did to earn an 8 if I am honest and I took O’Kane off for Clegg only to end with 10 men because Casper got injured, I just hope it isn’t too serious.


Just a few weeks, that’s not too bad, it could have been worse.

Our next match is the short trip to play Burnley. Obviously I had had to drop Casper now and I moved O’Kane back to the right with Clegg on the left. Other than that, the same line-up.

Half-time and I am regretting not changing the team more. We are 2-0 down and staring our first defeat of the season in the face. I have a go at them in the dressing room but, to be honest, I look at my 3 man bench and just wonder which of the three can make any difference.

This wasn’t just a defeat in Burnley, this was humiliation:


We were awful. The fact anyone got above the 6 mark was surprising. They deserved all 5 goals and Andrew Cooke destroyed our defence. I will most definitely be out for revenge against Burnley next time we meet.


You don’t have to tell me.

Well, well, well. Haven’t my parent club got one hell of a signing?


That may well be good news for me for the future. Meanwhile, Celtic appointed Jack Charlton as manager.

Our next match is at home on the Sunday against Wrexham. I do have 1 question for the Football League, why do I constantly have matches where no one else is playing? Anyway, after that hammering we received, I made a lot of changes:


At half-time it was 1-1 after Watkin put them ahead. We drew level through Nevland after he managed to break free of the defence.

The second half was a mute affair until I brought on Tomlinson and Appleton for Notman and my Tree who wasn’t doing much. Not long after, Appleton put us ahead thanks to a lovely strike. Wrexham drew level thanks to Telfer. We then went back up the other end and a minute later won the match thanks to a pass from Twiss and a finish from Tomlinson.


Our parent club then made another signing:


Always nice to be recognised for your work and I had no idea of the profit we were making:


Surely we can’t slip up in the FA Cup first round:


It was only a matter of time and this time, I fear I may have to let him go


Bye bye Johnny boy:


The sickner is that Leeds offered the least amount of money, they rest offered almost £5 million. I will be changing formation now to a back 4.

Next match, and the first after Johnny Boy left for pastures new, is at home to Brentford. This is our new formation:


I will be honest, if this doesn’t work out, I dunno what formation to play.

At half-time we were 1-1 with Nevland putting us ahead after Notman put him through. I feel like this formation could just work for us.

I say that:


We lost our 2nd game of the season but this was not the fault of the formation rather than the keeper. Wormull struck a rather tame shot at goal, only for Culkin to somehow miscue the ball and put it into the net himself. I dunno how he did it but needless to say, Pilkington is back in goal from now on.

Good to see we weren’t the only Man Utd team to be beat:


After that loss, I shall leave it here for this part. It may seem strange to leave it after 1 month and 1 game but I will leave you the table:


We are still top but with 2 losses and that defeat to Burnley has done havoc to our against column. I still think we should win this league but once the games start to pile up, that will be a test. For the curious:


Blackburn are top, on course for their 2nd Premier League title? Maybe. Our parent club are second are curiously yet to even draw a match.


Talk about the total opposite to real life. Arsenal can’t get relegated, can they?

Join me next time to see if my new formation works, to see if Johnny boy actually plays for Leeds or if he’s left to rot and see if I can stay top of the league.

Until next time, it’s goodbye from the B’s of Manchester.

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