Building Brazil – Part 11: Laelson, talisma

Rob’s Brazilian experiment has taken Uniao Madeira into Europe…and back out again. Can they push on for domestic glory as season 4 heats up? Catch up with part 10 here.

In part one our European adventure was prematurely ended due to a CM conspiracy however our league form was recovering slightly and we now only have the Taca and the league to concentrate on so hopefully we can continue improving and secure a second season of European football.

First game up and we are away to Varzim who play at a stadium of the same name. It’s a positive start to the this update and Laelson is scoring again. For all the frustration this save idea has caused finding this random Brazilian guy who actually seems quite good has been brilliant. One of the things I love about this game is the random players in the database who get generated, it really makes you feel like you have found a hidden gem.


Our Portuguese reputation has increased enough that we are entered straight into the third round of the Taca, with league rivals Beira Mar (sea view) our opponents.


Back to the league and our talisman (talisma) Laelson scores again, we’ve got a little run developing, two wins on the bounce and four victories and a draw in the last five games when you look back to part ten.


I make another sale, Maga-sarus was average at best so over £1 million is good value.


Our first game in December is a real test, away to Porto, it is a close match but our clinical finishing makes all the difference. It wasn’t as one sided as the scoreline suggests.


It’s Taca taco time next and Beira Mar are no match for us in this rich vein of form. Laelson with another brace. I need to win a trophy just for him.


The quarter final draw sees us face the winner of Sporting and Felgueiras. I know who I would prefer.


Another league victory follows, young Bebeto gets a couple, he hasn’t been as prolific as I was hoping he might be, his stats suggest he is a perfect fit for the formation and direct style.


Bugi has had enough of this nonsense and wants to go and play in Serie A, Roma and Juve are keen but I’m not selling yet. I want max value for him and he is really good. It seems Zenga’s regen is a must buy if you need a solid cheap keeper.


It is a real test next in the league as we host Benfica. As if to prove how good he is Bugi get MOM and keeps us in the game as we earn a point a hard fought point.


Obviously Sporting win their third round Taca tie so we travel to Lisbon.


Everton come calling for our left winger Da Silva, he is really good but his strength and stamina are so low that I can’t turn down the £3.5 million. Especially when we have Leonidas waiting in the wings.


New years eve, our final game of 2000 and Leonidas repays my faith in him as we finish the year with a bang. E.Claudio is starting to show some potential too.


December really has been good to us, Robson however doesn’t agree. If you’re not with us you’re against us Robbo.


I put the profits towards another unknown with good stats and a solid sounding name. Will he be the next Laelson?



The first game of 2001 is our local derby, Laelson puts us in front and E.Claud and Leonidas do the rest.


That game was the halfway point in the season and we have come back strong, 2nd place and Champions league football are achievable but Benfica seem to be running away with the league. Bugi is really coming through in goal, we have only conceded 10 goals. We’ve never been a defensive powerhouse before so it feels a little strange.


Off to the coast next and new boy Vieira opens his account as we cruise to an early 2-0 lead and then relax into another clean sheet.


Our great form has continued into the new year and the lad Laelson is at it again. Jefferson made it tough but we battled to a victory.


The last game of January is away to Alverca, we concede however we score four, Euclides de Claudio is coming into his own on the inside right and H. da Silva da Costa (Rai) is playing great through the middle.


Of course he is, it is a tough blow, he is averaging over 7.50 and has made that centre mid position his own. He will be missed.


Next up Espinho and new boy Vieira gets a perfect (I like to think it was) hat-trick.


The final game of this update and we travel to the Bessa to face Boavista. Unfortunately we are woeful and 0:0 at half time really flatters us. Boavista take advantage of Bugi being sent off and our impotence in front of goal to run out worthy winners.



What a record to hold! It is a disappointing end to a brilliant middle third of the season but when I look at the table I can’t be upset. We are profiting from Porto being below par but with 12 games left to go second place is still on the table.


Join me next week for part twelve, I can’t wait, it’s the first time since season one that things seem to be falling into place as a breeze of positivity blows through Madeira.

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