The B’s of Manchester – Part 5

Happy Monday. SupernovaDragon is back with the B team and this week he has to contend with an injury crisis. Can he tempt some players to drop down from the illustrious A squad? Catch up with part 4 here.

Welcome back to this Man Utd B Team, where we’re taking a team of Man Utd youngsters and anybody the first team, our parent club, deems surplus to requirements and seeing just how far we can go.

Our first match of this update sees us at home to 22nd placed Chesterfield. This is how we line-up:


As you can see, there is no place for our new signing David May as I keep faith with the youngsters.

At half-time we are 3-0 up thanks to Mulryne pouncing on a loose ball after Nevland’s shot hit the post. Notman got the second after Mulryne’s corner and Nevland’s header was parried by the keeper and Cooke played Nevland through to score the 1-on-1. All in all, a good first half.

At full-time we win 6-1 after, of all players, McGibbon scored a 1-on-1 after being through from a long ball from Appleton. Chesterfield pulled 1 back but Nevland lobbed the keeper to get his hat-trick.


Looks like Alan Sugar has had enough and sacked the manager:


Right on cue for our next match:


I’ve not really got much in the way of a replacement. Davis will be starting.

Our next match is away to London to play Fulham. At half-time we are 2-0 down thanks to 2 goals within a minute, both of which come from passes in the middle of the park. We are missing Appleton in there I think.

At full-time we managed to get 1 back in the last 5 minutes but we just wasn’t with it today and I can only imagine it’s missing Appleton:


Yes, David May did get his debut but he didn’t really have time to do much, good or bad.

Our parent club have had the “shock defeat” graphic:


Strange bit of prediction here from CM:


I know he wasn’t a starter currently but this is a big blow to me:


Our next game is home to Plymouth. I am so hoping we can we get back to winning ways as now Bristol Rovers are above us.

At half-time we are 1-0 up thanks to a goal after 10 minutes thanks to Nevland. It’s been a very dull first half with not a lot of happening.

Second half and the first thing that happened was Cooke getting injured, more on that pretty soon. Nevland got a 2nd thanks to a through ball from Mulyrne and within a minute, Plymouth got 1 back but we hung on to put us back into 2nd in the table.


Cooke’s injury is going to cause me problems I think.


Looks like the parent club made up for that shock defeat:


Off to Wigan we go, of course with Cooke being injured I have had to bring Tomlinson in for him. It was a little eventful this first half I’m sure you’ll agree:


Notman got put through by Nevland to put us ahead only for Rogers to equalise. We then dominated the rest of the half until Appleton put Notman through with a long range pass to put us back in front and then Nevland had 2 1-on-1’s and both were saved, only to have a 3rd 1-on-1 after being put through by Mulryne and finally scored. 2 minutes later and O’Connell went in 2 footed on Casper and the referee had no hesitation in handing out the red card.

By full-time we only score 1 more goal thanks to Mulryne after being through by Nevland. Then we picked up an injury to McGibbon.


I hope the injury isn’t too bad.


It is bad enough. As if 1 injury isn’t bad enough:


At least it’s just 1 week and he isn’t a starter.

Leeds have turned to Brian Little to be their new manager. The plus news for me:


Do I bring him back into the team straight away though?

I’m very suspicious of this injury, I have no proof of this but I think Cookie had something to do with this:


Davis and Tomlinson then both return before the next match and the board are still very happy with my work and I am still making a loss. What have I got to do to get a manager of the month.

Our next match is at home to Burnley. Now, I don’t know if you remember but all the way back in September Burnley absolutely hammered us 5-0. So I WILL be going out for revenge. I decide the name the same line-up.

At half-time and the revenge is not happening, we have been woeful and we are losing 2-0. It appears that Burnley are my bogey team then.

Yep, they are my bogey team and this was our chance to go back top. We just didn’t create much.


I blast the team in the dressing room afterwards. We had our chance. I am not very happy.

Leave my team alone:


It’s only now that I realised I have not offered anyone a new contract and I have offered nearly everyone a contract.

He has just literally signed a new and straight away:


Nope, definitely not.

He has still not played but still:


Our next match is the trip to Wales to play Wrexham. Hopefully we will get back to winning ways.

At half-time we are 2-1 up, a Nevland penalty and Cooke pouncing on a loose ball after Notman’s shot was parried by the keeper putting us ahead at half-time.

At full-time we won 4-2 thanks to Nevland getting his hat-trick.


Meanwhile the FA Cup Sem-Final draw has been made:


We get to our next match knowing that Walsall lost again. We know, if we win we go top. We have our chance to gain the initiative. We are at home against 3rd placed Bristol Rovers, who are just 2 points behind us and know a win can put them into 2nd. This match is important.

The match doesn’t start to well, with one of our few fit centre-backs Duncan getting stretchered off after 1 minute forcing me to bring Davis on and Appleton moving to centre-back. From then on it has been all Bristol Rovers. We have barely created anything as you can see from the stats below:


At full-time it was petering out to a dull 0-0 draw until the final minute when Cureton raced clear of our defence and slotted the ball home to send us down the 3rd and possibly into the play-offs.


Again this calls for another dressing room blasting by me. Problem is, we are running short of defenders. Luckily I know McGibbon is coming back and god knows we need him back in our defence.


Oh Alex, why are you such a dirty player?


Just to say, I went to our parent club and was surprised to see Man United randomly have signed someone I was not expecting as it never popped up:


I wasn’t expecting to see him there, especially as Andy Cole is being sold and even Paul Scholes isn’t given a new contract.

It looks like we could possibly see an all English Champions League final:


Our next match was away to Brentford. After the defeat in the last match it is imperative we get back to winning ways in this match. I make a couple of changes and send the team out with my voice ringing in their ears about the importance of the win.

Well, maybe I deafened them a little, as within a minute we are 1-0 down. 5 minutes and Cooke has drew us back level. We then proceed to have a good half hour of domination before they next come back at us. Casper gets injured and stretchered off meaning Appleton moving into defence again. Yet another defender is out. Then Trees picks up a knock but stays on the pitch, then Nevland finally makes our pressure pay by putting us in front after Cooke’s header put him through. I remind the team of the importance of the win and send them back on their way.

Just the one more goal in the second half as Mulyrne scored an absolute screamer of a free-kick which left their goalkeeper just standing there and applauding the goal himself.


This win and Bristol Rovers draw meant we went back to 2nd. The downside of the win:


This is an annoyance. We are losing defenders left, right and centre. I mean we literally are.


Hopefully, we will make it back before our next match.

Teams are still trying to nick our kids, I’m still saying no. Meanwhile, look who has dropped down to the B Team:


To be honest, I don’t know where he will fit into this team and an attacker is the last position we needed cover for but as they were selling them we had to see if we could sign him and we have brought in Andy Andy Cole. We still need a midfielder and a full back really.

Our parent club, not a good time for an injury. Let alone for this long:


It was on an international duty so I don’t think Alex will be happy.
Meanwhile the transfer merry-go-round has caused a little bit of interest for me. Burnley sold Cooke, their main scorer, to Dundee. Now Burnley have signed Cureton from promotion rivals Bristol Rovers:


Which can only be good news for me and hopefully keep us 2nd.

The biggest transfers on transfer deadline day was:


As you can see, Newcastle spent big, bringing in Rui Costa and Benarrivo (who rejected Man United) and Liverpool brought in Bierhoff. Burnley sold Glen Little which could well be good news for us also.

Our last game of the month and the update is at home to Preston who are struggling in 22nd place. At half-time it is 1-1 after Mulryne put us ahead after placing the ball under the keeper for an easy finish, only for us to be drew back level 10 minutes later. I tell the team that I am disappointed with their performance so far and we go out and concede another goal to go 2-1 down by the hour mark. In the last 6 minutes, Andy Cole comes off the bench to draw us back level and it ends 2-2.


I am very very disappointed with how we played and I can’t help but feel that the fact we had someone out of position at right back. I just cannot help but feel we should have won this match and that we needed to.

At the end of this update:


We lie in 2nd 5 points behind Walsall in 1st. Bristol Rovers are still right behind us by 1 point and Burnley are still sniffing around. We need to get a good run together as the end of the season is nigh.

As for our parent club?


I don’t think anyone will be surprised by the lead they have at the top of the table.

Until next time, cheerio and here’s to a good end of the season.

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  1. Yesterday I reinstalled this old game, because I’m enjoying reading this excellent blog. I have a question, if I turn on 3 leagues in the 16 MB version, are there more players in the game than in the 2 leagues version?

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