Building Brazil – Part 13: Brazil meets Blue Peter

Rob Tait is back in Brazil but…here’s one he made earlier. A far more Brazilian all Brazil team. I’ll let Rob explain…

So, season four ended relatively positively and I got over excited and played though seasons five and six in the hope of finding some inspiration to keep this going. It didn’t happen and I’m kind of over Uniao for now. However I wanted to provide a better ending to this blog than an abrupt stop. That’s when I thought about the inspiration for the blog, a Sporting Lisbon team that I created full of actual Brazilian superstars and their illegitimate children. So I’m going to play through my final season with a “here’s one I created earlier” Brazilian team.

Here they are then, some familiar names and a few young regens. Luis Carlos Jacare is Jorginho, Glaucio Vinicius is Aldair, Ze Maria is Branco, M Franco is Julio Caesar, Renaldo is Bebeto and Roddy Jetson is Romario. This team took two or three years to create and I had to win the Champions League to attract people like Ronaldo.


I’m starting the season like this I’m sure we will change it up as some of the youngsters develop and injuries appear.


First up is the Supertaca against Porto. Denilson started the season with a MOM performance and I’m hoping for good things from him as he hasn’t really been firing on all cylinders since I signed him a year and a bit ago.


League game one and the season is off to a good start.


Our reward for the winning start is an alright Champions League group but Madrid will no doubt give us a little challenge.


Having identified a need for some more defensive experience I rescue Marcio from the Midlands.


Felgueiras are no real match for us, Ronaldo’s scoring five of the six goals.


Juninho is out for a month so I go shopping again and sign left winger Djalminha, he’s got good stats and been playing well for Valencia over the years.


At home to Alverca and Djalmin makes an immediate impact, Denilson switches to the right inside winger role and he is loving it there too.


The Portuguese league starts so late that it’s already mid September and we face a real test against Real in our first Champions League group game. It’s fair to say it doesn’t go well, but the score does seem a tad unfair and we lose Leonardo and Gralak to injury. Here are the player ratings just to show that we basically the Brazilian national side playing in Europe.


We put the bad result behind us and travel to Madeira to face Maritimo, Juninho back from injury and on the score sheet.


I’d forgotten we had the second leg of the Supertaca to play. In an odd decision Dida (who seems to be conceding a lot) gets MOM but we win on the away goals rule. Ronaldo is scoring for fun, he is a little too good for this level.


It’s Estrela up next and it’s Ronaldo again, bagging a hat trick in the final four minutes.


It’s international call up time and we have a few in the squad.


Away to LASK in the Champions League and we get the three points to try and keep pace with Real, we might need to sneak through as one of the two best second placers so the more goals the better.


Another game and another win, more goals for Ronny.


He’s on the score sheet again against Leca but the injury to Flavio is a concern, I don’t have a great replacement for him.


I decide to put mini Aldair and captain Vinicius into the DMC role for a tie against Sparta and it’s still all going well.


Ex Chelsea legend Hiario is on fine form for Porto and Dida keeps conceding. It was a funny five minutes where we went from certain victory to bad draw.


A week later and we play the other powerhouse of Portuguese football and local rivals Benfica. A better performance from Dida gives us a deserved victory.


We take all this momentum to the Bernabeu but CM great Miki Landreau plays out of his skin. I look at the stats and I can’t believe we have lost both games against them.


We come back strong against Chaves who don’t hit the target in 90 minutes.


More goals follow against LASK, which we will need if we are to qualify to the quarters.


The first day of advent and we travel to Boavista for the final game of the update. We win again, Ronny scores again and life is good.


Unsurprisingly we are top of the league with ten wins and a draw out of the eleven played. Quite surprisingly Vit. G are only three points behind and seem to be flying.


It’s a strong start to the first update. I do miss the struggles I had in Madeira a little bit but watching the Real Ronaldo do his thing is rather enjoying. Come back for part two to see if we can continue our European adventure

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