The B’s of Manchester – Part 7

SupernovaDragon is back with the Man Utd B experiment. In this episode you’ll see the playoffs and the planning for next season. But which division will they be in? Catch up with part 6 here.

Hello and welcome back to my Man United B team experiment. I am at the end of the season now, in the play-offs and losing the 1st leg 1-0. Sunday until the game day on Wednesday, I train the team and let the know this is important.

WE need to get promoted this season.

We haven’t:


As you can see, our shots to shots on target ratio is very poor. We never got going in this match.

All we can do now, is prepare for the following season. I’ve already set up the targets, Wallwork and Greening are definitely 2 people that are coming in if I can help it.

In other news:

Chelsea won the Cup Winners Cup and Man United won the FA Cup to round off the English league season. Then something familiar happened:


2-1 Man United win in the Champions League final with Sheringham scoring right at the end of the match at the Nou Camp? Definitely something familiar.

So Man United won the League, FA Cup and Champions League. Treble anyone?


Northampton completed the season winning the play-offs. Good luck to them, I will have to contend with Bristol Rovers again next season.

I need to find a formation and stick with it through thick and thin.

End of the season and these are the ratings:


The Brebner ratings are a little false as he barely played but I am not surprised to see Tomlinson and Nevland up there. Very surprised about Thornley, I really should have played him more.


The goals tally does sum it up for us, Only 4 players reaching double figures and Tomlinson just about outscoring Nevland.


The assists column still doesn’t fill me with confidence. However, I think it’s fair to say, Nevland and Tomlinson are my front 2 next season.

Currently Wallwork is unavailable. I am very much tempted to bring in Van Der Gouw on a free transfer as his contract is almost him. Would he be prepared to drop down the leagues? I am not too sure of Culkin.

I did consider going and bringing Cantona out of retirement as he is still on a free transfer. Should I though? He may well slot into the hole very nicely.

Our parent club didn’t take too long:


Neither did we:


He was a future Man United youngster, that’s the only reason I have signed him and I am not giving up on Wallwork.

Nice to know the board are still happy:


Yes, I had to. He was free and an ex United player and, I can imagine Eric being happy to help the kids:


No, the kids are not available at all:


I am going to just keep rejecting all summer. NONE of them are leaving, I am adamant of that.

Andy has now officially left Manchester United behind:


We was not going to really use him next season, best to just let him leave. Nor was we going to use May Day:


Well, as if winning the lot last season wasn’t enough:


I think it’s fair to say our parent club are going to be pretty much unbeatable.

France won the World Cup on home soil, beating Argentina in the final 2-0.

For those who are curious, here are the end of the season awards:


Before we can arrange any friendlies, we are told of who we are to play in the League Cup:


I may go for the cup this year, even without an award at the end of it.

In the Windowless Shield:


This one I definitely don’t care about.

I played 3 friendlies during pre-season, lost away to Utrecth 5-0, lost at home to Darlington 3-2 and beat Inter Cardiff 7-2. The Inter Cardiff match was more to get the team scoring. We had suffered injuries before the Inter Cardiff game, both goalkeepers were injured so had to play a greyed out one.

Terrible injury news:


This is quite the disaster, looks like Jonny Greening will be playing.

What are we doing in training really?


Looks like our parent club are on the sell again:


We finally get to the first game of the season, away to Hartlepool. This is the team and formation I decide to go with:


It was a very dull opening game of the season. I have never seen such a dull boring match:


We created nothing of note, despite what the stats say:


Meanwhile, our parent club continue to win things, they beat Newcastle in the Charity Shield 2-1.

Next up is away to Barnet in the League Cup. I make some changes to see if fresh players will turn things around after that dour showing last match.

At half-time it’s another dour showing, 0-0.

Second half, we take the lead through Macken after Notman put him through. A minute later and Barnet equalise and by the end of the match, we still have played poor and get beat 2-1.


I have always struggled in my 2nd season and this is systematic of the way I play this game.

We will win the next match.

First home game of the season next and it’s against Preston. At half-time we are 1-0 up thanks to a goal just before half-time from Tomlinson after Cantona’s header on to him.
Final whistle blows and we won 2-0 thanks to a goal from Mulyrne after Tomlinson played him through.

It’s nice to actually win a game again.


I don’t know what our team do during training but we keep injuring our defenders:


I am sorry Terry, last season I let Johnny boy Curtis leave, you’re my only right sided midfielder and you are not going:


Back to the League cup and home to Barnet in leg 2. I make some changes again, though we could do with keeping the winning ways going.

At half-time it’s 0-0 but we are down to 10 men after McGibbon was deemed to be the last man and was sent off for troubles.

Come the final whistle we won 2-0 after Twiss came off the bench and changed the game. First he set up Macken to put us ahead, then he broke free from the offside trap and buried it beautifully to win the game.


Our next round game is:


That will be in the next part.

Back to the league and we are away to Grimbsy. Back to my usual line-up.

At half-time it is 1-0 to us, Cantona playing through Mulryne to put us ahead. Second half and it all fell apart:


Duncan got booked for a high boot not long into the second half. 12th man Woods, equalised and then Duncan got sent off for his second booking after handballing in the box, Grimsby missed the penalty and Blades won the match towards the end of the match.

We threw this match away completely.

Next match is on Tuesday at home to Millwall. I tell the team in the dressing room how imperative it is they bounce back with a win. I make a couple of changes.

At half-time we are 3-0 up. We took the lead through Brebner who pounced on the ball after the shot from Nevland was parried. Then Nevland netted twice in 2 minutes to put us in at half-time winning.

At full-time we won 4-0 after Cook went two footed in on Cooke and got sent off and in the last 10 minutes Nevland got his hat-trick with a lob over the keeper. This was more like the performance we are capable of and always have been.


I am very surprised this has taken to season 2 to happen to be honest:


That will cause some pile up, I can feel it already.

What a Champions League group:


Group of death I think. I feel bad for Sofia.

I completely missed out on Wallwork. Everytime I tried to bid it was rejected as he was unavailable. Then in 1 go 5 clubs bid, I couldn’t and now he’s signed for Layton Orient:


I’d have paid more.

Last match of the update is away to Bristol Rovers, hopefully we will continue winning with this one. Especially as Bristol Rovers were one of the teams up there with us in the play-offs.

At half-time we are 2-1 down, Cooke put us ahead after pouncing on a loose ball after the keeper could only parry Nevland’s shot. We then continued to dominate until the last ten minutes of the half when Bristol Rovers started to take over and scored twice in 5 minutes.

At full-time we lost. However, we did go down fighting:


Nevland equalised within 5 minutes of the restart, only for Baroni to net his 2nd. We then started to dominate again and Tomlinson rounded the keeper to put us in level again. Only for Pritchard to blast one from 25 yards to win it for Bristol Rovers. We just cannot beat them.

We finish this part in a lowly 11th:


This is not good enough, I admit that and I may have to go back to another formation if we can’t get a winning run together. We are so average this season.

Nice to see players being recognised for their hard work, though selfishly I am thinking, they will both be missing for a match:


Bit of good news on the injury front to end the month with:


To end the part, this is the first time I have dipped to just ‘satisfied’ by the board:


Join us in the next part where I try and get the B’s back to where they belong, the top of the table. We need to start turning this around.

Until next time, goodbye for now.

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