0. A-Z of Football: A is for Arsenal

Please welcome our newest blogger Liam to the team. Liam’s taking on an A-Z challenge as he’ll explain below.

We see a lot of generic stories throughout the world of Football Management sims but the ones that get me, are the ones containing challenges. I will be hoping to use some of these challenges in a few upcoming games, and this will be no different.

The goal – To win a league title with a team, starting with all letters of the alphabet. I will start at “A” all the way through to “Z”. Some may not be possible, so any that we do need to skip will be picked up at a later date “Q, Z, X etc”.

The team I start with? Well the choice was evident. It would have to be a team that I can build a reputation with, leaving Arsenal & Atletico Madrid. I decided on Arsenal, who I hope will be pushing for the league title straight away.

In my mind, it is the defence that needs improvement off the bat, so I stick in a bid for Gil Baiano, who has some useful stats.A relation to Junior Baiano? Who the hell knows.

Hopefully he will sure up the right side of defence. Next up, a potential left winger to sit in the team in place of the legend that is Luis Boa Morte. Of course, you have to look to the future, and the realistic future is this man. Some good teams in the way, but hopefully we can build the path.

Good to see this legend of the sport has found somewhere new to call home. Bobby Robson is an absolute hero of mine. Making his name at my club (Fulham), and one of the nicest men I have ever had the pleasure of being able to meet. I will be keeping tabs on his career, and hope he can get back to the heights he had before. RIP Bobby, we love you.

However, bad news follows as we are met by these 2 pieces of news! I best get back in the market then. It is a shame as Baiano’s stats did look extremely good, and of course missing out on Pires will be a massive blow in the long run. Juventus also just signed Denilson aswell, so some strange activity from the Italians there. Can never have too many left wingers over in Italy

So we go into the first game of the season with no signings made. I decide on the below formation as my go to formation, bringing football into the 2010s with hope! It is a formation I like to play in a lot of my games, CM 01/02, Football Manager, FIFA, and with mixed success. Let’s see how it works back in the day!

So that will wrap up what we can call, “the preview”. This is evidently a long term save, and I am not sure how often I will do these updates. Personally, I may look to do 1 every 3 months. There may be some longer posts than others, but it is a challenge I am looking forward to! Tune in to the next one, to see my first signings and matches!

Extra Feature: Whatever happened to…

Gil Baiano

José Gildásio Pereira de Matos (born November 3, 1966), commonly known by the nickname Gil Baiano, is a retired professional association football right back, who played for several Campeonato Brasileiro Série A clubs, and for the Brazilian national team.

Thought this might be a good feature to throw in, with someone that affects the story. In this case, we look at the story of Gil Baiano. Born in Tucano, Bahia, Gil Baiano started playing professionally in 1987, defending Campinas’ club Guarani In 1988, he was transferred to Bragantino,of Bragança Paulista, winning the Campeonato Paulista in 1990, and playing 62 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A games during his spell at the club. In 1993, he joined Palmeiras, where he played 19 Série A games. leaving the club in 1994, to defend Esporte Clube Vitória, playing 20 games Série A until leaving the club. In 1995, he played 20 Série A games for Paraná, leaving the club in 1996, to play for Portuguese club Sporting Portugal. In 1998, he returned to Brazil, playing for Ituano, then Paraná again, where he played nine Série A games In 1999, he played again for Bragantino, joining Comercial-SP in 2000. In 2000, he also played four Série A games for Paraná, joining XV de Piracicaba in 2001, and retiring while playing for Bragantino in 2002.

Gil Baiano played seven games defending the Brazilian national team, without scoring a goal. His first game was played on September 12, 1990, against Spain. He played his last game for Brazil on March 26, 1991, against Argentina

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