Euro 20/97 & summer plans

Hello! It’s that time of year again where we need to crown a winner. The 2020 CM Cup is here and we’ve expanded the field to 24 hopeful managers.

This has been in the works long before social distancing was even in our vocabulary and despite some obvious schedule changes, we’re going ahead as planned. I always run this at the end of the real life season and if it’s a tournament year, it always ends the day before the tournament starts. Whilst the length of the tournament is the same, the timescale is not.

Anyway, unlike Euro 2020 we haven’t fallen foul of a global pandemic (as of this writing, at least) so let me tell you all about the plan…

We’ve taken the draw for Euro 2020 and applied it to CM9798, so in short we’ve got the modern draw with the 97/98 squads. Each team will be managed by a familiar face – one of the blog squad, a contributor, a wildcard from the Anglo-Italian Cup or just a long time reader. There’s 24 of them and on Sunday I’ll preview the whole tournament.

The tournament will be brought to you in a series of blogs. That’ll get underway on Monday May 18th and there’ll be ELEVEN consecutive days of group games. There will then be 5 more blogs covering the knockout stages at different points up until the final on June 10th.

The draw was made on episode 4 of the podcast which you can of course listen to here or if you scroll down you’ll see the full draw.

CM CUP EURO 2097 Groups Image

During this time, there’ll be no other blog content ran on the site. I know this will be disappointing to many of you but I like the tournaments to take the focus. It takes a lot of work, not just from me but from each of the 24 managers and, like I said earlier, traditionally this was how we closed our season before taking a break. A lot of the names above have helped out in one way or another over the years this is my way of saying thanks to them for their efforts and support.

After the tournament is over the blog schedule will return to normal. Liam, Nick and Andrew all have blogs in the pipeline and we have a couple of guest writers who will be taking up blogging for the summer and hopefully beyond. I don’t really know how the future schedule of football will pan out, but I’ll be bringing the Retirement Home back after I’ve had a short break.

Again, I always take a break at this time of year as the football season ends I like to recharge and in years gone by I’d perhaps visit another country on what we used to call a holiday. If I’m allowed to visit another house this year it will be a plus. Either way, I know the Retirement Home has been eagerly anticipated each week and I promise it will be back, I just need some time.

I will most likely still be messing about with the game over the summer, whether it be on Twitter or the odd short term blog and all being well we’ll keep the podcast going.

Stay safe and I really hope you enjoy the tournament!

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