The Wonderkids – Part 17: Looking Back in Anger

Hello and welcome back to what will be the final part in the Wonderkids series until later in the year. Whether you’ve followed us from the beginning or you’ve joined us along the way, I hope that you’ve enjoyed the journey, and the significant number of awful, what can barely be described as, jokes to boot! Before we say goodbye for now, let us take a look back over the past four seasons, which, like the best hotels, aren’t totally comfortable.

Season One

We started out fresh face in Division Three here is where it all began. We were not quite prepared for just how poor the ‘keepers would be at the beginning.

We took some spankings, but Allan was full of himself and goals, so things started flowing.

“I’m Bakman”

But it wasn’t long before the injury curse began, little did we know it would be like having 30 Michael Owen’s and not in the good way.

The lesser known broken ankle which came to be replaced by the broken spine and fractured skull

There were fledgling international call-ups like this one for Bing.

And after winning the league there were some classy close season showboats.

Real who?

Season Two

Division Two brought new challenges, and by new challenges I mean completely old challenges. You can continue from season two here.

There was an internal derby and a rare away strip.

And we played our first of many battles with those pesky cowboy boot accessories.

Season Three

Season three saw us playing in Division One which was probably the toughest things had been yet. You can see just how tough here.

Bing continued to rate highly against all the attribute odds.

There was replacing Figo at international level.

And our old friend, the injury returned to haunt us.

We overcame a legend who had Nii chance.

And we played Tottenham again…

Season Four

Season four saw us start life in the Premier League, the promised land after consecutive promotions. You can look back on how it went from here.

As ever, fate taunted us…

We played Tottenham again…

And again…

And again…

Yuri proved that magic truly does make someone special…he hasn’t yet dislodged Kluivert from the national side.

I hope you have enjoyed the story so far. We are yet to see our full potential and when we re-join you later in the year, we will be looking to take on the Champions League. See you again soon!

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