The Wonderkids – Part 5: Nobody likes Worthington’s Anyway

The Wonderkids is back for a second season where we are trying to take a group of players with unlimited potential all the way to the top. You can catch up with from the beginning here.

Here we are again at the start of season two with The Wonderkids staring into the abyss of the Nationwide Division Two following our late promotion dash at the end of last season. The B Team were promoted, debts spiralled, and the board injected £16m. Plus we made two new additions for the new season ahead. Can we make it two promotions on the bounce? We bloody well need to thanks to the release clauses so here goes. Let’s take a refresher of the squad.

Three cheers for Ramirez! Hopefully he keeps up his form from Sporting Lisbon, but pre-season is suggesting otherwise. The first “OH NO!” of the season arrives:

Other than that, pre-season has been a raging success with the De Graafschap result a highlight as we fielded a largely second choice team. That will do the coffers some good!

It’s time to get the roll balling1 on our season, and first up it’s the Sprites. No need for any substances at the recreation ground as Mike Bassett’s favourite and the boys send the fans home happy!

Pun courtesy of Jody Sturman aka Twitter’s @JoeSturman

We follow up with a straight-forward 3-0 over third division Brighton in the League Cup from the second string. Recently relegated Watford visit the slicer, and for their ‘keeper Day it quickly becomes a nightmare. He’ll be seeing Inzaghi in his sleep.

We complete the formalities and make it through to the League Cup 2nd round where we’ll face off against Nottingham Forest again. In a brief loan update, Yuri Rose is off to Twente for the season and Rangers have snapped up David Parry.

It’s a heated affair at Bloomfield Road as Blackpool take us to the wire. Normal service is resumed as Almeida gets back on track with giving penalties away. Vic and Bob’s sidekick saves our blushes and our 100% start to life in division two.

Back at the slicer it’s a straight-forward victory over the Bees as Curtolo finally gets off the mark. That’s got to sting…

He follows up with a 69-minute hattrick that stuns the Latics. Stick that in-your-endo Oldham!

We close out August maintaining our 100% start in the league.

Whilst pre-season was good, I didn’t expect this to happen. Inzaghi has gone off the boil so there are slight worries, plus the mass of U21 call-ups!

Meanwhile Damien Johnson and Manninger have been called up to their main national squads for the European qualifiers. But there’s no time to waste and we’re Bak on the horse!

No sooner has he scored a hattrick he’s out injured along with Ramirez coupled with Almeida’s suspension and then this…

We can just about pull a squad together. It’s another battle at the Abbey, but this time we don’t get hammered and Manninger is the hero. A 100% season wasn’t the Beall and Endall anyway…

Yet more international clashes. We make it to half-time at the slicer, and Drummond couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

Besides such memorable finishing we go on to have Juan heck of a game.

Ulrik-ka-ka-ka gets a 10 but doesn’t get MoM…there’s even better news though.

Pompey don’t play up, and its cruise control for a heavily rotated ‘kids side.

Next up it’s everyone’s favourite, the League Cup. Shottingham visit the slicer where Mr Stork gloves does his usual routine…like having a bullet proof vest made from paper.


We take a trip to Bootham Crescent and see the whole of the moon as we leave with their pants pulled down. Losing Almeida is awful though, his almost perfect stats after 18 minutes and two shots from centre back tell that story. Oh and could the man of the match BE happier?

This time round, he’s Bak with a bang! Allan is up and running again. Losing Rommedahl for a few weeks is also a kicker as he pretty much delivers an assist every game.

Good old paper gloves steps in for the League Cup return leg and we get our arses handed to us again by Mr Moore Minus-Man…again! That said, Bak-Jensen et al also had a stinker.

And with our League Cup dreams in tatters we’ll drown our sorrows with a pint of Worthington’s and look at the league table.

So far so good. Some players have upped their game but others have struggled with the step up, particularly Drummond and summer signing Ramirez has been less than spectacular. Please do join us again next week as we look to get Bak on a RØll…


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