18. A-Z of Football – Darlington (01/02) – Darlo Delight

And we are back! It is the beginning of April, and I am just wanting consolidation this season. I want to stay in Division 3, to give us a better chance of winning the league, However, I am not going to throw any games. If we get promoted through the playoffs, so be it. I won’t be classing the playoffs as a trophy if it does happen, we continue away at Wrexham who are in 9th. We are up to 12th ourselves

Bang! Take that. We are hitting top form a little bit late, but so be it. Jason Legg & Howard Cullen are flying right now. Finally a decent partnership up top. Still a few players to leave and I am actually excited to rebuild for Division 3. I am going to smash next season. Grimsby are up next.

That’s it. Next season I am buzzing. Finally found the winning formula! Straight into the next game, and it is York away. I seem to forget to update any managerial changes that happen, so I will do my best to keep that updated.

A stumbling block right now however, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Up next is bottom of the league Exeter. Come on boys, smash these!

Great performance and Jason Legg is one hell of a signing, it has to be said. Him and the schoolboy Cullen have made a great partnership. Matty Agiadis, our free transfer CAM is starting for England U21 so he was also a great signing. He is currently valued at £2.4mil so I boost that to £4.5mil just in case! He doesn’t have a big club release, and is on £17k, which is strange. Swansea away next, hopefully we can continue the form

Another top result, especially with 10 men. Claudio Ranieri will be on the move again, but not for the right reasons.

2 games left in the season and it has been a respectable second half of the season, after a terrible first half. The signings we made have all found their feet, and are playing really well. There are still bouts of inconsistency, but we are getting there. Bradford up next at home, and that doesn’t go to plan

But that is fine. We are sitting pretty in 10th, meaning we won’t be getting into the playoffs. Only now will I be happy with that. David Batty has left the club on a free after his contract expired, and it is fine. He wasn’t great for us. Ranieri finds a new home already

Unfortunately, somehow, Steven Haslam’s contract has also expired. I offer him a new one, FAST. I think he had a non-promotion release clause. A lot of clubs interested and sniffing around, and he is one I really don’t want to lose. Our last game is away to Oxford and again, I really don’t mind regarding the scoreline.

We win anyway, and it is a good end to the season. The final league table see’s us finish 8th, 1 place from the playoffs. The best I could have asked for considering the circumstances

Exeter get relegated and the new team to come up, nobody would expect

How did Burnley get relegated from the football league? That would be a great challenge in a different game! Literally just waiting for the news that Haslam has signed a new contract.

Out into the world, and Liverpool bring the UEFA Cup home to England. Andrew O’Brien picking up MOM. Look at that British defence, amazing

They make it a double as they take the league home aswell.

Also, bad news

I will of course keep trying! Could release him and try to re-sign him aswell. We have options. Elsewhere in the world, a shocking winner

Yes, that is right, Vicenza. It is only 01/02 so that is pretty impressive.

Close fought victory for them in the league too! Fair play Giuseppe Pillon. It is time to go regen hunting, although I am sure there won’t be many interested in joining Darlo. I have listed a few players to try and make some room. I really need Haslam to sign! AC Milan beat my former club to take the Cup Winners Cup to Italy

And then, another shocking league winner…With ease!

FA Cup belongs to Leeds, with a simple boring 1-0 victory over Middlesbrough

The Champions League however will be heading to Milan. Both Milan clubs win European trophies to make up for the league failures. Straight after, big goalkeeper transfer

The transfer offers are flying in at the moment, but all for players I don’t want to sell! Reject reject reject! Haslam has now requested a transfer for a bigger club, he is already out of contract. I am resigned to selling him. I do have Blackstone and Boselli however so all is not lost. The time, has come…

Goodbye prince. Jack Lester also leaves for double his value, somehow? How did I manage that!

A lot of managerial movements at lower clubs, that nobody will really care about. Matty Agiadis is starting in the England U21 squad so he is evidently one for the future. Xavier Diaz also starts for Colombia too. Anthrobus leaves us due to the big club release clause. Damn.

Transfer offers are coming thick and fast but again, no. I do not want to sell Lee Carsley, Boselli, none of those! Buy some TL ones please! The World Cup is kicking off and I will only keep you updated when something big happens. The Semi Finals ends up;

Argentina win the World Cup in another boring exchange

End of season rewards, and nothing really great as of note except Fowler’s 37 goals. Great performance

Di Livio rightly retires, freeing up another slot. The board also help out a little bit;

And that is where the update finishes. See you next time for the 02/03 season where we WILL win a trophy with Darlo! Adios

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