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It’s been a week of new seasons here on and today is no different. Peter Jones’ Alloa strolled to promotion in season one but how are they shaping up in season 2? Over to you, Peter…

Back for another season with the mighty Alloa. Promotion to Division 2 and everyone is happy to enjoy the journey. Unless you think it’s a road to nowhere. At least he was kind enough to tell me in person and I didn’t have to read it in the Clackmannanshire Times. Sadly his regen went to Hull.

Another phone call and this time Miller decides to call it a day. He’s usually grumpy so hopefully the mood in the dressing room with lighten up. He can go back to this windmill.

With a bit of cash to spend, I decide to strength the defence with this U21 lad. Hopefully he can compose some clean sheets this season.

Next up. This youngster can bolster out attacking treat with his heading.

A couple of freebies too.

A subs bench wet dream. In the mould of Neil Lewis in CM93.

And a backup keeper. He’s really good at shot stopping and rushing out, but the technique he uses leaves much to be desired. I mean, how is he managing to do it? Faced backwards? Reading the paper??

Any time to slot in a friendly? No. Straight into cup action for you. Here’s how we’re going to line up.

East Stirling are in Division 3 so I suppose it’s a nice warm up. The front line up gets a goal each and plus debut goal for Denham. Nevin was rubbish. Off to broadcasting college, sunshine.

And our first foray in Division 2?? Bloody Cowdenbeath. Our front line send them packing.

Dunfermline are in Division 1 and that’s 3 in 3 for our strikers.

What?? Again?? Oh, this is ridiculous. A rather drab affair. Hardly surprising and we’re all on first name terms with each other. They may as well move in with us. 4 games in and only one has been a league match. This Scottish business is weird.

Hmmm. We haven’t conceded a goal this season, yet the rest of the squad seem to have given up playing already. We play against 10 men for over an hour and only have 3 chances all match. We need some stimulus.

“Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back…”

Straight into the team and we decide not to show up in the first half. Remember Steven Anthrobus? ’tis him. Second half, we’re transformed and Brebs inspires our midfield three to turn the tables on the ‘Muirs who are also in Division 1.

Not wanting to say this managerial lark is easy, but I make the decision to drop the veteran Dywer as his rating have dropped and bring in another summer signing youngster. The futures bright for Scotland!

And so it finally happens. The boys are still arguing about who had the last orange segment at half time and we let Cassin walk right through us to concede our first league goal of the season.

Another Division 1 club tries their hand at beating us. A star performance by their keeper and we’re onto penalties. We’re done over by a pre-var decision to retake McAvoy’s penalty and he misses the second time. Probably a bad date to one on his movies. Penelope probably.

Back into the league and I’ve selected Dwyer to give us some experience against the league leaders. Isla gives them the lead, but a good team talk sees us through.

Who needs 11 players?? Although that left us with 1 of our regular midfield 3.

Have I swapped games and now playing Brutal Sports Football?? Although I’m still basking in my man management of Dwyer.

Leave my players alone! That’s both wing-backers crocked. We ignore Russell’s pea for attention and relevance by going straight up the other end. I think I’ll have to invest in an extension to our medical facilities at this rate.

Looks like the old man needed a bit of a rest. A debut gold from one of our free summer signings and he’s already grabbing attention from other clubs. (Insert Stirling effort jokes here)

Bloody Cowdenbeath. They’re currently 3rd in the league and just won’t leave us alone. Disappointing to drop points as the ‘Cows dish out our punishment. (Doesn’t quite work, does it?)

Back to winning ways. Stranraer are in a relegation battle so it was essential not to drop points.

The last game on this update and to make things even, Brebner is the final of our midfield three to be slashed.

After 12 games, we’re top of the league but it’s still really tight. The top 3 are beginning to break away. I don’t mind us taking 2 or 3 seasons to get through Division 1, but we must keep the moment up in this league.

Och aye for now!

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