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Peter is fast becoming an Alloa legend. Back to back promotions look to be on the cards but will it be back to back titles?

“My love is like a gold gold rose, Newly crowded champions in April.” The faint refrain of Robbie stirring among the gathering fans on the terrace is enough to bring a tear to the eye.

We’re top of the league but mighty short on cash. The board have been chasing the FA for our reward for winning Division 3. Apparently there wasn’t any.

First game back and we beat Div 1 Raith Rovers by a slim margin. We’re not bad at these cup games.

Humphreys obviously interviewed someone one on the radio that morning to which the ref took offense. (We won’t mention the handball on the line.) A pretty lacklustre performance again.

Thankfully, we’ve restocked the Iron-Bru. Actually, they’re just re-bottled in Lucozade and the team don’t know the difference.

Does anyone play in another other than blue up here? Taylor getting back on the score sheet is good news. Little is still smarming from his failed moved to Huddersfield. Hey, don’t knock it. We’re going places here!

Amazingly, we had 2 games in a row without a red card! Fortunately we finished the business before Mr. Mackay was sent packing by Fletcher.

Our elder statesmen want to get in on the action. What you doing, Colin?? James obviously had to get back on set pretty sharpish too.

Cleeland decides to shake our nerves for a while but Frank and his beret put this to bed. Oh Betty, we’ve won the league!

The best way to celebrate the league to the invite the mighty Aberdeen for a Quarter Final. 40-year-old Jim Leighton, with his newly lasered eyes, is able to see clearly enough to save shot after shot. Making up for the lack of injury in our previous match, two of our lads are sent packing to A&E. We’re crushed by a late goal and we’re out.

I shouldn’t have let Frank play in his roller-skates. Ken and his boys easily match us. I think this is going to be a drab ending to the season.

I decide I’ve had enough and recall all our loans and play them for the rest of the season. Our form might drop off but it’s a good way to see if they’re up for it. Playing the last 40 minutes with only 10 men and we do alright.

Lordy. Can we not finish a single match with all 11 men??? Oi, Colin. Don’t bother showing up for the rest of the season. You’re supposed to be an example to the youngsters.

It had to come at some point. Craig’s brother stuck a pin in us and we loose our first league match.

This is more like it. A better second half and we run rampant. A good result to raise the trophy in front of…a half empty stadium.

Our last game of the season and it is a drab performance as we say farewell to Division 2.

We could’ve made it 100 points but it was worth giving the youth a run out. They’ll have grown years in the minutes they we on the Clack’ turf.

We decide to check with the FA straight away to see if we have any prize money for winning the league. They said they’d check and call us back. It’s been 2 months…

After two spectacular seasons, it was 74 goals and out for Peter.

Brian didn’t play a single match for us. Hope he was happy.

Finally, Pat decides to take the big move from Channel 5 and can snuggle up to Colin Murray on those long cold European trips.

A Manager of the Year award tops off a quite brilliant season.

I was surprised as to the efficiency of the team to win the league this year. I was expecting a very different turn of events. The plethora or injuries and multitude of cards means I’m making some severe changes next year. First up, tracking down those regens…

Och aye ’til next season!

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