21. A-Z of Football – Darlington (02/03) – Trophy Time

Back to Darlington and Liam for your Tuesday entertainment. It’s a frighteningly good squad for Division 3 but can they secure promotion?

And we are back once more. Last update saw us make fantastic signings and amazing form. Knutsen retains his place as Swietek is back from injury, but not yet 100%. Preston now visit the Feethams

Nathan Lee proving why he won’t ever be dropped in the 4-2 victory. Another 3 points and with promotion already secured, we are just waiting for the title to be confirmed.

That didn’t take long. That confirms my last season at Darlington and it has been an emotional one. The Windscreen Final is yet to come. Saying that, that game is up next

The Nathan Lee final. The kid is amazing. It will be interesting to see what happens with him in the future. I need to try a new formation that will fit all 3 of my strikers. Will test it out in the next game.

It isn’t as successful as I had hoped but a win is a win. Will stick with it for the rest of the season to see how it goes. Let’s see how it does against Oldham

That is better. 2 goals for Lee and another for Swietek, but Knutsen gets all 3 assists and MOM. Into the next game against Oxford and with Swietek on international duty, Jacques gets another chance up top.

Another fantastic result. Yes it was helped by another goalkeeper red card, but we know how to take advantage of that. Jacques manages to get a goal aswell, so that is good to see. Wycombe want to step up to the plate next

Tough one but another one bites the dust. Not sure what the record is in Division 3 for points but we are looking at it. 2nd place West Brom will be up next.

Considering the injuries to both wing backs, we pick up an easy win against West Brom. Our last game of the season is at home to Macclesfield

Doesn’t mean too much. The league is ours, and the hunt for the E team starts. 120 points is surely some kind of record.

Also, one of my former teams wins their league table

And now, we wait. Here are the winners for the competitions around the world!

What the hell…

And here are the final stats for England. 58 league goals for Nathan Lee is pretty amazing.

Really? He was out for 3 months?! He was worth 3 million and big teams were interested. Just strange

Also, Popescu retires

Now we play the waiting game. It actually doesn’t take as long as I thought, as a certain manager moved to pastures new. Check out the next update to see who we end up at!!



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