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Liam’s back! After being cut off in his prime last week, he’s back at it with the latest from A-Z. How are Espanyol getting on?

Ah happy days. As many of you know from the last episode, we had a little break due to unforeseen circumstances. I lost my job, my charger was at my old workplace, and it proved a little difficult getting it back! However, new job, charger retrieved, story continues!

We hit January with a little bit of form behind us, mainly in the cup competitions. With hope, this is what will help us move clubs. I don’t know why, but Espanyol has been my least enjoyable venture so far. I think it may be down to the consistency, as we find ourselves in 14th position in the 20 team division. However, we have the 7th and 9th top scorers in the league!

I pick up a nice cheap signing, in Jose Antonio Barla, who joins us from Lleida for only £160k

An offer is currently in for one of the best players in the game, or maybe, someone who should be one of the best players in the game! A huge name in the world of football, who Championship Manager massively underrated for some reason.

Before that though, we have Mallorca at the Luis Sitjar. Difficult matchup, but we do need to start winning these matches. It starts well as Ognjenovic gets us started, and an own goal seals the victory.

Barla picks up MOM on his debut, so that’s a positive to see! We climb a position and force Mallorca into the relegation spots. Then, it happens. The legend has arrived. Welcome

Excited to use one of my favourite players ever! With that, the transfer window slams shut. Happy with the business this January.

Tenerife visit us next, who are just 1 place below us. Can we continue this winning form? Totti will obviously make his debut at CAM! Excited to see how he does.

The inconsistency is evident to see once more. A 1-0 loss at home to Tenerife. The stats again in our favour massively, but we just don’t cut the mustard.

I am hoping that our league form doesn’t correspond to our cup form. That is our only route out of this club! Merida away next game. Odds on a win?

Another opposition goalkeeper MOM but we pull out the win. All that is missing lately, is a Totti goal! That will wait however. Look who has ended up at West Brom…

West Brom are languishing in Division 2 in 16th, whilst old team Darlington are 20th. No time to rest, Valencia up next. 14th vs 11th.

Barla the bargain! We beat Valencia thanks to Barla again. However, our inconsistency still shows! That moves us up to 11th. Real Madrid away up next, probably end up winning this one too.

That may be the first time we lose a game we were probably meant to lose. I can’t complain, it was Real Madrid. Our strikers had an off day, both picking up a 5 rating. No need to panic though! We need to focus on Man Utd & Real Sociedad. Deportivo (3rd) come to the Olimpico Montjuic next, another loss on the cards.

What is this game?! Barla is my new favourite player. Superstar story. We dominated the match aswell. I just don’t understand season 7! We are now in the top half, sitting in 9th place. For now however, Man Utd. I think this one may just be a step too far! All remains to be seen.

A 4-2 loss, however those 2 away goals could prove crucial. Probably not, but who knows! Real Sociedad next, in the league however. This could prove to be a preview for our semi final which is coming up soon.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bore draw! Straight after that, Sevilla

Better! Another goal for Barla, another MOM for an opposition goalkeeper, and another big win for the team! That puts us in good steam for our Quarter Final second leg against Man Utd. Can we grab a massive comeback?

It is a good result, but just not enough. We are out in the quarter finals. No complaints however! The schedule isn’t nice to us, as we have another game straight after. Vallecano will be visiting us at the Montjuic.

An emphatic victory, but even better is that Totti scores! Happy to see him get his first goal, and a great victory going into the Copa del Rey semi finals. Meanwhile, a player you wouldn’t have expected to move from Liverpool to Everton, moves.

Salamanca away next. One that I expect to be a victory.

Things are starting to go to plan, however for the league it is way too little too late! Everton pick up the League Cup over in England

That is where our story takes a break! Looking forward to the next ones. See you next time!

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