Off Kilter: Season 4 – Episode 2 | @PeterJonesPhoto

Good day! The week is nearly over and Peter Jones is here to ease you through Thursday morning. Can Alloa maintain their place in the top 4 of the SPL?

“Lennox: ‘Tis two or three, my lord, that bring word Martin has fled to England.

Macbeth: Fled to England?

Lennox: Ay, my good Lord. Tottenham.

Macbeth: Bloody hell…”

Here’s how we left off in mid-November on the countdown to Christmas and those annoying us that THIS new year is actually the start of the millennium. Go tell that to Robbie Williams. Actually, go on and tell him that and about the time you saw some lights in the sky over Ilkeston.

I’ve decided to splash the cash and bring in another defender to shore up our backline. Welcome, King Kevin Arthur. At least he’s happy.

Back at Ochilview Park, I’ve brought back Brennan from loan to give us more options in midfield. Unfortunately, he’s given the physio staff…ok, Frank, more options on the treatment table. Martin, 8 from 5, looking good!

Looks like Arthur is the final piece to get us in shape. A solid defence, and a striker on top form. Nothing can stop us now…my phone is ringing again…

8 games!!!! 8 games and his big club release clause rears its puss-ridden face.

The team moral is shot and Aberdeen give us a bit of a shock but a strong half time team talk and we come away with the three points.

Bisland is another loanee to come back and does the business upfront. Good to see Ferguson on the score sheet to as he has been absolutely awful.

And so Rangers put us back in our place after winning 4 in a row. They’re league leaders so it’s expected.

A drab draw and everyone is miserable. Someone has been playing their Low secret santa CD in the dressing room…

Awful. Bloody awful.

Partick are exacting their revenge for the last 4 years. Even Deborah, the secretary, is pocking fun at us. This is woeful!

Four games without scoring now! A clean sheet and that’s because Cairns, our old boy keeper is back between the sticks.

A win!!! Our first in 5 games. And Taylor, back on the Ramstein CD’s is pumped up. Let’s see if we can get some momentum going.

I’d already put in a bid for this lad before the last match. But he’ll go straight into the team. Let’s hope its Dudley Moore-goals and not Dudley-Merry-Hill-Centre-on-a-boxing-day-when-you-just-roam-around-for-hours-trying-to-find-something-and-make-all-that-effort-for-nothing…

On his debut too! I’m screaming Vekhtev’s at full time as we waste all of that effort.

Another draw with Celtic who are also struggling. Dudley-sort-of-alright. At least we get a replay.

We’re not really helping Dudley settle in. Kerr Hay all the way home.

Brennan, certainly living up to his 20 rating in Injury Proneness. Back on the loan listing for you. And we loose against 10 men.

Well, if you’ve been following that, the tally was W4 D4 L6. We must do better.

Och aye for now!

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