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Hello! For those of you who follow my Twitter ramblings, you’ll know a good friend of mine built a program to help find regens. I’ve had a go with it and it’s really quite good though it has some shortcomings. As a disclaimer, neither of us are in a position to offer an awful lot of help right now so I have put my understandings below and if you want to play around and report back, that would be great. Version 1 was released in September and then version 2 in October.

You can download the file here. Extract the three files into a folder anywhere on your computer. Please note: I had trouble with my virus scanner not liking the exe file, so much so it either closed the exe once it was running or wouldn’t let it read from the drive. Obviously I know and trust where it has come from but this is all at your own discretion.

The regen finder is a brand new program so it doesn’t need dosbox. It doesn’t matter how you run CM9798, this program reads from the file on your computer. Double click Regen Finder.exe to load the program up.

Your first task is to set the game directory – click the little dots and select the CM9798 folder on your computer as I have below:

Click close. If it’s working, you’ll be able to select your saved game from the top left.

You only have two buttons, take and compare. The idea is that you take a snapshot before the game updates for the end of the season, this will take a couple of minutes

Then advance the game through the end of season update (e.g. press Done on July 15th 1998). Once it finishes, take another snapshot. Then press compare.

You’ll get a little box saying completed. You’re then presented with a list of players that have retired and their regens.

Every player you select on the left gives you their regen on the right. It doesn’t work backwards, so you can’t select a regen on the right to see who the original was.

*We know there is a bug with the regen stat listed but does it really matter?*

For example…

Retired and became…

As you can see it lists the pace as 12 and the stamina as 13, the physical stats are not an exact science as they are adjusted to age (as is influence and a few others)

We’re also fairly sure ability, potential and reputation are down as two figures when they really should be three, not sure if this is a conversion or something else.

That’s as far as I got. I imagine you can do the first snapshot anytime before the end of the season. I don’t know if it works across multiple seasons, e.g. if you did a snapshot in season 1 and played for 5 seasons, would it find 5 seasons worth of retirements? Probably not. The instructions I was given was for one season only but be my guest if you want to try.

I’ve interspersed screenshots from V2 into the above guide – I didn’t have the original player screenshots the second time around but as you can see V2 looks a lot better and there are mouseovers to explain why the stats might not be the same.

17 thoughts on “The Regen Finder – Download

  1. Blimey, looks like a lot of work has gone into this. I often screenshot players and at one point made an Excel sheet of players! Oh dear, I admitted that. I sometimes wonder if I should not search for regens to make it more difficult. Not sure what people think about that.
    Cheers Gary

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  3. V1 didnt work with me. For some reason it couldn’t find any saves. So will download this and give it a try later. Thanks!!

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  6. Sorry, David. Only just seen this. I will have a look and get back to you. Thanks for replying though, it’s appreciated 👊🏻

  7. By the way. If you go into the editor, sort the players by potential then by ability. All of the good regens will come up if you do a player search for under 25’s sorted by caps on the first day of the season, then scroll through. Obviously none of the regens will yet have been capped so the first players after the last guy to win a cap are the best regens of this pick

  8. Hi
    Ive tried to run this several times, added to my firewall, disabled the firewall etc for a temporary time but it doesnt work, it starts to run, but closes down, any ideas?, Windows 10, Thanks in advance

  9. Hi, do you just need it to point to the cm9798 folder or to a specific file within it?
    It closing when I take a snapshot?

  10. A tip that worked for me, if you’ve got the game or the mega scout programme running in the background, then make sure to close them. Once I did that, my save appeared. Great work with the programme, thank you!!

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