27. A-Z of Football – ??? (04/05) – For F Sake | @FUT_Hatchet

And we are back on the hunt that that F team. Insert F joke here (Already done that), and I’m not even sorry. Obviously, the game is completely random so who knows where I am going to end up! This post may just be a short write up of what is going on over the next 3 months. Hopefully, a lot happens in the world of CM.

Some big names currently still available on a free transfer, where are they going to end up? First up, this guy. A true Icon of the sport, and at only 30 still has a lot to offer

Another striker here who again, even at age 34 still has a couple of years in him. Starting in the Premier League, he banged them in for a good few seasons, a well known name in football

All teams need a pair of safe hands, and based on his performances in the Premier League over many years, this guy will keep clean sheets for a long time

I would 8 to buy this guy

One of my former signings at Darlington finds himself without a club. Hopefully he will find one very soon, or not, and wait for me to pick him up once more! “Swiet as a Knutsen”

2 moves already, Vieri finds himself back at the club that released him, AC Milan, whilst unfortunately Swietek decides to join Lyngby of Denmark. He does have a big club release clause however, so potential movements there.

I am still at Espanyol until the next season starts however, but none of my players win any awards. Here are the awards by country;

Sitting here hoping that whoever is Fulham, Fiorentina or Farnborough manager retires. Come on Champ, do me a favour!

Nope. Now we play the waiting game.We have hit the 1st of September with no big movements, this is now where things may change.

Hopefully this may create a managerial merry-go-round and Sammy McIlroy to leave Fulham for Crystal Palace….Please?

Nope, but this also happens. Movements!

Martin O’Neill takes Leeds

Getting a lot of offers in now, but nobody I want. Aston Villa, Portsmouth, Merida & Betis the latest offers. The merry-go-round continues but not yet in my favour, and we are now into October. A lot of jobs have come and gone in the month of October and November hits fast. The list at the start of November looks like this;

Already been offered Roma and no doubt Chelsea will offer too, but they just aren’t what I need right now! And then, this happens;

I’M SORRY?! They didn’t even offer me the job after I applied? The 12th best manager in the world rejected by a team in the bottom half of Serie B. Hmmmm. Not sure about that one!

And there goes the end of 2004, and I have been without a job for a good 5 months now. I need to get one in 2005 to avoid a large drop in the rankings!

And then it happens. On the 1st of June, we get an offer. One thing that is funny however, is it isn’t one of those clubs available at the start of the season. Next season, we will be starting with a fresh plate, no players, and a chance to build a legacy….Catch us next time!

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