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Peter is here with the latest from Alloa, who are starting to be a real nuisance to the upper echelons of Scottish (and world) football…

“Mountain dew shining / In the sun lead our steps to / Recreation Park” Ancient Scottish Haiku.

Back for the final slog toward the summer. We’re struggling to keep up with the mighty Rangers but we’re fairly comfortable in 2nd.

I thought I’d start this update with how our squad is looking. We’re on injury overload but plenty of options available to fill in the gaps. We’ve got a mighty 11 players out on loan. Some of our previous youngsters like Agostino, Brennan and Glennie did the business on loan and are now forging a career in the 1st team. Although Glennie and Dudley are constantly moaning that they want to move. I can put them on the list but the £8m and £6m price tags are out of reach of most teams.

Who ever is left, they know that our game in hand must count if… Denham! What you doing???

Stranraer are mind-Division 2 and are easily punished.

Hopefully this upturn in form can carry us to vic… is anyone paying attention to my team talks?? Bazzer rescues a point but our hopes of the title are surely over now.

Not the original legend but a decent youngster who was on the way to several English clubs thanks to a bid from Wednesday triggering a ‘Take Me Out’ cat fight over his services. His special round 3 performance being his stamina. I waved my assets at him and he leaves my light on.

I’m enjoying my date on Fernando’s and the phone rings. Bloody hell…

Right Thomo, your time to turn up and show who’s boss!

The stats show that we might be in trouble.

I’m left scratching my head all the way to Denmark. Might be better if the news was nits but we’re really struggling.

Cm9394 all over again. A quick shuffle of the front line up is required.

Glennie is moved alongside the Bunnyman and he grabs two assists. That’s more like it, boys! A semi awaits.

Perhaps not the time to play the league leaders. We make a reasonable resistance, but Negri is a thorn that cannot be blunted when he’s in the mood.

We finally beat Celtic this season! They’ve crept up to 3rd and we keep them at arm’s length.

A first half turnaround for the two men I always confuse and we hold tight in the 2nd half to see us through to another semi!

Allegiances divided over this one…

It’s a wonderful sunlit spring day. The air is still and the flight of birds chirpping their way through the stadium air as Grant Brebner makes his triumphant return, marking his first start as a permanent Alloa employee. The jubilation doesn’t last for long and he’s out for another month.

With another two suspensions, we’ve got a makeshift midfield. Brady, playing through the middle dispatched his penalty with style and we hold on.

We hit the bar in the 88th minute and miss out on a chance to get an away goal.

More shades of gold confuses Denham and he heads into his own net. We’re feeling the effect of a very long season.

Match 50 and Helen handles Glennie’s semi and he scores three times in front of 14,000 fans!

So, another final and I wonder who…oh.

The game decides to Shivute to us and we play the last 30 minutes against 12 men with it’s sub glitch. If we’re already getting weary of life in the north boarders…

Old heads mean steady heads. Gary McAllister is drafted back into the DM role and he plays an absolute blinder! That’s our 3rd final of the season!

Our form is hopefully building to a nice climax. I decide to give Thompson another chance and he rewards me with a goal from the bench.

If there was any evidence that there was a Glasgow bias with the Scottish FA then the evidence is plain to see here as this was hastily rearranged. Handily for Rangers, I have 3 players on U21 duty and can’t pick my best team. Thompson starts and scores again but this match secures Rangers the title. Bitter? Me?

Governed by idiots, owned by idiots. We have £2.5m in the bank, we made a profit of £430k in a month and they tell me the financial position is precarious?? Who do these guys work for? Deloitte???

I gave the Bunnyman a 1st half rest to see if Thompson was the real deal. All three forwards are in scoring form which bodes well.

It’s a good build up for our finals by sending the Cows back to Division One.

We are the highest scorers but our defence is too leaky to topple the executive favourites. Celtic drew far too many matches and are pipped by Dundee Utd.

UEFA cup final day arrives, and I receive news that McCulloch is out for a month. That’s both regular strikers out now! It shows and we can only get one in the net. Blackburn are worthy winners.

FA Cup final day arrive, and I receive news that Glennie is out for a week. That’s 3 out of 4 strikers out now! I can’t work under these conditions! The FA are eagerly waiting for their cheques to arrive in the post after another Rangers trophy. We have other ideas though and Stirling, shifted into an advance midfield role is the first of a rebounded effort and we win the cup! Stick that in your bagpipe and blow it! As Meatloaf kind of sang, one final out of three isn’t bad…and you’d probably find a Hillman Imp at the bottom of a shortbread box…

Even though Dudley was inured for the last 3 months, he still topped the goalscoring charts.

Only the news of the World Cup left and we have a few players shipped off to the Far East.

Scotland beat Brazil on the way to the Quarter Final but loose 4-0 to Germany. Who then loose to Denmark in the Final. “I’m Danish. And I like Bacon.” The only answer ever needed to justify that result.

I fear next season, the signposting of the Big Club release clause will be more illuminated that Soho shop window offering oriental massage…

Och aye for now!

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