The CM9798 Lockdown Challenge – Season 2

Greetings and welcome back to the Lockdown Challenge. I hope the first 4 days of being stuck in doors have been reasonable for you – and it’s great to see so many of you taking part. We’ll have a look at the early leaders in a short while, but seeing as so many of you scored so highly, it looks like we’ll have to up the difficulty. Insert evil laugh here.

Everyone who played Challenge 1 achieved promotion, so welcome to Division 1. This challenge will test your loyalty.

Thanks to Nick (@cmclassicsquads) for the graphic!

Main Aim: Finish the season as a top level club. This can be any of the following means:

Being offered and accepting a Premier League (or abroad equivalent) job (+100 points)
Being promoted with Fulham or another club (+60 points)
Failure to do either will be a penalty of 30 points.

Other points:

You will be deducted your total number of league losses of the club you finish the season at, regardless of how long you were in charge.
You will be deducted your final league position in the league ladder (e.g. 1st in Division 1 = -21 points) – so the higher you finish the better!
Transfers: There are no restrictions.
Manager of the month: +10 for every manager of the month award you are given
Reach the quarter final of any cup (+20 points, up to 40 available)
If you can sign any member of England’s World Cup 98 squad (real life, check the link) you can have 40 points. (No bonus for more than one and they have to be signed after July 15th 1998. The player already being in the squad does not count.)

Screenshots needed: Evidence of job offer (if applicable), final league table, screenshots of any quarter final appearance, screenshot of transfer of England International, Manager Awards screen from manager profile for any monthly awards.

You have until 8pm on Wednesday to play up to June 1st 1999. As ever, entries can be sent to me on Twitter either as a normal tweet or by DM or by email. Good luck!

What if I haven’t done challenge 1 but I want to join in now?

You are welcome to try and catch up, send me your results and then move on to challenge 2. You can see all of the Challenge 1 details here.

League Table

We’re going to produce a proper league table once the scores are a bit more differentiated, you’ve all made a strong start but the points on this one are purposefully designed to mix things up a little. Lots of you got full points and nobody is cut adrift.

This was all submissions up until 9pm. If you’re missing from the table, I will have missed you as an honest mistake so just remind me please and I’ll get you added in on Thursday.

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