The CM9798 Lockdown Challenge – Season 5

Good day to you! Just a quick update today as we reveal challenge 5 and have a look at the league table after challenge 4. I’m really enjoying all the entries so far, the scores will continue to get more varied and you’re never out of it. Thank you all!

Now, to business…

I’m guessing most of you are here for Challenge 5 so let’s do that first. You can probably imagine where this is going after challenge 4, but for the 01/02 season you’re once again pulling double duty between the International and Club stages.

Your main task is to get Northern Ireland to World Cup 2002. Hopefully you’re well on the way to doing that already. There’s various points on offer depending on how far you get. Meanwhile at club level you can go wherever you want but your aim is win the top division for the big points. As ever though you need to be offered any job you take – if you’re not in the top tier, you can still collect points for your league position.

Thanks to Nick from @cmclassicsquads for the graphic

Qualify for the World Cup with Northern Ireland +125 points
Every group stage point = x10 points (e.g. 9 points is 90 points)
Knocked out in last 16 + 60 points
Knocked out at quarters +75 points
Knocked out at semi-finals +100 points
Win World Cup +200 points (+150 points for runners up)

Win top division (+100 points) – any club offered the job before October 31st

Top 4 +50 points
Top 6 + 25 points
Outside top 6 -50 points
Bottom 6 -100 points
(As above for outside of the top division but +75 for promotion)

Just to be clear, you would only get one category of points, so finishing 3rd would get you 50 points and not 75 (for being in the top 4 and top 6)


Sign John Curtis (+50 points)
Plus goal difference
Biggest club win x10

If you are offered a job at a club who already have John Curtis, that counts. Biggest win is the margin of win, e.g. 4-1 would be 30 points.

Play up until the World Cup final but don’t do the end of season update. You have until Thursday 26th November at 9pm to get your entries in by twitter or email as usual. Don’t forget your screenshots!

League Table

We have a new leader! Previous leader Ollie has yet to submit his entry which has allowed J28Red to take the lead. Fittingly, he had the top score of 498 this round after a truly astonishing season with Barnsley

Once again, huge thanks to @cmclassicsquads Nick for the brilliant graphics.

With huge points on offer this round it’s still all to play for. Challenge 6 is going to be even bigger, small spoiler there.

Here’s the full table:

Not sure why I decided to highlight the top 10 this time, must have been feeling generous.

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