The 2021 CM Cup – Day 12: Quarter Final time!

Hello! We’re into the serious business phase of the tournament, a point underlined by the fact that from here on out all games are played in a neutral venue no matter how difficult it makes life for me. Here’s a reminder of the upcoming games:

DaveMathieson84 vs FPLHints

Dave is still flying the 2-3-1-2-2 flag even though it has its doubters. Owen and Sonny Anderson is quite the strike force for it.

Ash has been tinkering again but will it be enough to get the 2018 champion through to the semis?

Collymore closes in much earlier than usual. Problems there. Dave’s problems intensify when Moas sees red on 30 minutes with Ismael on for Pistone to cover centre back and Van Der Brom playing wing back. Ash shuts up shop and plans to shut the game down, which is a great plan until the unlikely figure of Pessotto equalises. With Ash on the ropes, Michael Owen lands the knockout blow. Even with the whole team up front, Ash can’t create a clear cut chance and it’s Dave who advances.

As comprehensive as it comes in the end, even with 10 men. Very impressive.

Ismael’s arrival made a big difference, much like it has at Barnsley.

From one former champion to another, here’s Ross.

RossBell1984 vs S4ooter

Ross is the last former champ standing and he’s been pretty imperious so far. Fowler finally came to the party last round but will that continue today?

Dan’s games are usually a goalfest and without a midfield, is that a surprise?

Ronaldo! Oh my days it’s a vintage performance, his vibe only briefly halted by Thomas Hassler who equalises for 5 minutes. That just spurs Ronny on though and he helps himself to three more – 4 in total – to end Ross’ hopes of a second star.

Just awesome from Dan, his tactical tweaks making all the difference it seems.

No prizes for guessing who got man of the match.

We have an all Scandinavian affair up next.

Williewrap vs Charlemaagne

Jakob and Charle spoke in their mother tongue whilst I set this up and there was every chance they discussed all my failings during the 5 minute spell. Jakob opts for Bye Andersen over Suker and Balaklov remains a random stat disaster.

Charle sticks with this formation. The sweeper keeper is an interesting concept!

Jakob’s decision to bring Bye Andersen in pays off immediately, he opens the scoring but Paul Scholes pops up with a leveller and Zamorano completes the turnaround. Golden boot leader Molnar has been disappointing and he gets withdrawn at half time for Suker. It makes little difference, Zamorano scores again and sub Garcia rounds it off. A thumping.

Jakob can have very few complaints. The better team on the night won.

Zamorano is coming on strong in the latter stages. I often overlook him at Inter with Ronaldo and Djorkaeff but here he is making a difference.

One more game to go today as we see how CLM leader Philip stacks up against tactical guru Nikolai.

Verbist_Philip vs 9798Nikolai

No change for Philip. The tactic has played well for him so far.

Nikolai…what can you say about Nikolai. This has been tested, Hubner is the man but can they get the ball to him?

They can, he equalises just a minute after Emmers opens the scoring. One of the closer games of the tournament sees both sides trade blows but Yorke and Fernando strike after the break to give Philip a two goal cushion. De Boer pulls one back just moments after being moved position but Henry kills the game.

A tight game but Nikolai’s finishing cost him. The irony of course being that Philip’s tactic has more than a hint of Nikolai about it!

Henry takes man of the match but Kastendeuch has yet another stormer. We’re all in awe of him.

Here’s your semi final draw. We’re down to 4 now!

Both semi finals will be played in a neutral venue, who is your money on?

Jakob may have said goodbye but there’s still time to see some statistics from him:

That’s all from the CM Cup today, see you tomorrow for the semis.

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