The 2021 CM Cup – Day 13: Semi-final tension

If you’re still with us, well done you. Day 13 (that’s 13 consecutive days of nonsense) is upon us and we’re down to just 4 from 24 starters. Here’s a look at the bracket so you can see what has gone before:

DaveMathieson84 vs S4ooter

If you missed the news, all the matches from the quarter finals onwards have been played in a neutral venue. By this stage in the event, you’re all very aware that Dave plays 2-3-1-2-2. Here he is again, staying true to form:

Dan is having a great run and is only getting stronger since he tweaked the formation. Merson’s role as the sixpence in the Christmas pudding cannot be understated. Ronaldo of course is the…good bit of the Christmas pudding.

Merson lasts 10 minutes. That’s bad. Julen “Eddie” Guerrero replaces him but it’s time for an ex-Newcastle defender fest. Firstly, Pistone opens the scoring which is fairly unlikely in a semi final but the nail in the coffin is dealt by Franck Dumas scoring an own goal. He had been having a great tournament but this is going to be his lasting memory. The disappointing Latino Heat is removed but the subs are equally ineffective. Dave advances!

Quite one sided in the end, Dave is very worthy of his place in the final.

Ravelli gets man of the match for keeping it respectable.

Who will face Dave in the final?

Charlemaagne vs Verbist_Philip

Hang about, Charle has been tweaking. He was very impressive in dispatching Jakob but he’s moved a midfielder up front and now all bets are off. Will it work?

Philip has enjoyed a serene journey to date, Henry and Yorke proving an efficient partnership ably abetted by Seedorf and Fernando.

This formation is…a concern. It is utterly dominant. Philip can barely get a kick, Charle carves through time and time again. Is passing style back on the menu? Zamorano and Scholes score the goals and by half time, it’s 2-0 and 12 shots to 0.

The beating continues in the second half albeit at less of a pace. Zamorano adds two more for his hat-trick and Garcia also justifies his selection. Alves pulls one back at some point. It’s an absolute battering.

Poor Philip. Clever Charle.

Solid all around for Charlemaagne whereas only Onopko holding it together for Philip. Paul Ince with the 10 though. I didn’t expect that.

Confirmation of that all important bracket. Our final is in place.

So tomorrow there will be a 3rd/4th place playoff between Philip and Dan before Dave and Charle compete for the greatest prize in the game. You don’t want to miss it!

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