CM9798 on iPad & iPhone

After a number of failed attempts over the years, I’m delighted to bring you instructions for how to get CM9798 (and I guess all DOS games) working on your Apple devices. A huge thanks to @Malte_Sven on Twitter for putting me onto this, I’ve got it working on my phone and iPad so if I can, you can.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am using an iPhoneXR on iOS 14.6 and an iPad Mini. For Android instructions, click here

To start with you will need:

The iDos2 app from the App store

A download of the game on the phone or iPad, available here.

Tiny fingers (iPhone only) or lots of patience

Once you have those three things, you can proceed.

The instructions are largely the same across both devices. To start with, go to Files on your device (an app, you’ll find it amongst your other apps) and go to wherever you downloaded the game to. For me, this was in the downloads section where it should be by default but where it currently is doesn’t matter.

It’s a zip file so just tap on it and hold down until a little menu comes up. Go to Move (or copy)

You’ll be asked where to move it to, go to the menu for On My iPhone and choose iDOS so it’s highlighted. Tap copy in the top right of the screen.

The zip folder CM9798v2 is now in the iDOS folder. Go back to the first screen in Files and choose On My iPhone and then iDOS.

Tap the new folder icon (three dots on the phone) in the top right and make a new folder. Call that folder Apps. You’ll see the zip folder you moved earlier also sat here, tap and hold on it again so you get the menu and then move it to the Apps folder you just created.

If you go into the Apps folder you might see either the Zip or it might have already made it into a folder for you. If you still see the zip, double tap it and the device makes it unzipped. You’ve now finished in the my files bit.

Open iDOS (please note although you downloaded iDOS 2 it’s still called iDOS on the home screen)

You’ll see the familiar DosBox page, asking you to type stuff in.

type cd apps and press return/enter on the pop-up keyboard (on screen)

type cd cm9798v2 and press return/enter on the pop-up keyboard (on screen)

type cm2e16.exe or cm2e8.exe and press return/enter on the pop-up keyboard (on screen)

The game will load up – rejoice.

It’s important to note this is an emulation of a computer game on your phone, so you have to move the mouse to where you want to click then tap the screen to select. There is a settings bit where you can change it to direct touch, I’m still messing about with that.

A new game loading three leagues took about 15 minutes to load through – it’s not one for speed but you could always start the game on your computer before you download that folder to your device.

As ever, there’s probably other ways of doing this but this worked for me and our mate Joey (Malte_Sven). This video was also very helpful:

If you have other devices, the short answer is I don’t know. Android instructions are at the top of the article, I don’t have anything else to test on. If you do, I’ll gladly add to the article.

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  2. Could we start a crowdfunding so we can pay someone to make CM9798 compatible for iPhone? I am willing to pay for this to happen!

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