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The demand to play CM9798 has rarely been higher and my Twitter mentions have been bursting with people wanting to play CM9798 on their Android device. I know what you’re thinking – you have an iPhone. An iPad. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do that yet but one day…

Anyway, you’re probably also thinking you’ve known how to do this for years. You’d be right, Adam did a lovely video and everything which you can see here. However, apparently this is an easier way. I don’t have an Android phone, so I can’t comment. But the people have been heard and so I’ll hand over to our 2018 CM Cup Champion Ash (@CM_Hints) to take you through it.

I’ve wanted to install CM97/98 on my Android phone for a long time but it was my aim to do so in a relatively simple manner.  I’ve now finally discovered a way to achieve this in 5 steps! Full credit to @TahirTheRam86 for showing me the following method which worked for me, albeit with some caveats at the end. Please note – ‘Tahir’s Way’ is only suitable for Android phones.

Step 1 – Install aFreeBox from Google Play
Step 2 – Download CM/97/98 onto your Android handset (Download here). Make sure that the files have saved internal storage.
Steps 3 – Copy all of the CM97/98 files from the sub folder and move them into ‘Downloads’.
Step 4 – Open up aFreebox and click on he highlighted icon:
android 1

Then go to advanced settings and change memory to 256MB.

Step 5 – Go back to main screen, click on the keyboard icon and enter:

Then hit return and the game should launch!
android 2

*CAVEAT* The last step of using the keyboard didn’t work as expected on my Android phone and was slightly tricky. Whenever I typed in the CM2E8 the characters didn’t show up.  I had to enter them separately C(Space bar)M (Space bar)2 (Space bar)E (Space bar)8. Selecting the predicted matching letter also helped.  I then had to backspace delete until eventually it said CM2E8 and I then hit return.

Good luck and thanks again to Ash and Tahir for their hard work.

If any of you are borderline geniuses and want to have a go at getting this on Apple devices without jailbreaking then I’m all ears. Or eyes. Get in touch!

17 thoughts on “Simple CM97/98 Android Installation | @TahirTheRam86 & @CM_Hints

  1. I love that this is working and someone figured it out but I can’t get the letters to come together. It only has spaces. Any suggestions would be appreciated? But your a legend for getting it sorted!!

  2. Managed to fix the keyboard issue but whenever i type cm2e8 and hit enter i get told its an illegal command? Sorry for spamming David but I dont have twitter so I cant even ask the chap who sorted it.

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  5. Finally got round to doing this, but once I select the league and its starts initialising, its says crashes to the thankyou page, and then says theres an unknown nation of brazil for walter de filhaes…….

    any ideas on how to reslove this?

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